Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Udderly Fantastic Bovine Sculptures

Charlie Green is back with his gift of bovine sand sculptures. He brought with him his “crew” of family members from the Green Meadows Dairy Farm of Elsie, Michigan.  Each year he visits Marco Island for what he calls his “Beach Therapy.”  Who can blame him, with the polar vortex hovering over the Midwest in the last few frigid weeks.

Often Charlie would bring his daughter Sadie and his wife Sue, and this year the sculptures seem to depict a theme; “40 Moovelous Yearswith a heart and the initials S & C (Sue and Charles); a family scene with “Cownt Your Blessings;” “Bovinasaurus,” a tribute to a grandchild who loves dinosaurs; and a message of “JOY for 2019!”

According to Charlie, it takes 150 gallons of water to create one sand cow sculpture.

Head out to the Gulf side of South Seas Tower #3 and enjoy cowmazing sand sculptures.

Cownt Your Blessings. |Photos by Maria Lamb

Bovinasaurus with Donna Kaczka.

Joy for 2019.

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