Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Two Weeks and Counting!



Crystal Manjarres

Hello Marco Island!

Baby and I are going strong! As of me penning this article, we have fifteen days left until our “guess” date! Can you believe how quickly the time has flown? I simply cannot! There are still so many loose ends to tie up!

CBN_B9-20Here’s a brief update: baby is in the perfect position for birth, our blood pressure continues to rock, and I only gained one pound. I spent the weekend celebrating at our beautiful baby shower thrown by one of my dear friends/client who has been with us almost seven years. She did a fantastic job! Thank you, Liz!! We will always remember and treasure that special day. She did a cowboy/Spanish theme to celebrate my Texas roots and my husband’s Colombian heritage. We had lots and lots of food, desserts, and fun! We got some beautiful gifts that we will cherish forever. Thank you to all who attended the shower and to all who still took the time to bring our baby boy some precious gifts ahead of time, knowing that you would be traveling, or up north at the time. We truly feel like our clients are our family—we are unbelievably blessed in so many ways and we want to say THANK YOU!!!! We love you ALL so much!

We also went dresser/changing table hunting and picked up some items for the “birth” day; my birthing center provided me with a check list, so I am working on having that bag packed ahead of time! Amidst purchasing last minute necessities, finding a pediatrician, and making baby appointments, we are also doing some research ahead of time on other baby matters, deciding between cloth or disposable diapers, doing a birth prep session, hiring a doula, and finding time to take prenatal pictures. Oh and run a business. There is a gigantic list of other things we are also doing, but you get the picture. How do you people do this?! I am in awe of you fantastic multi-taskers!

As time ticks down to the Big Exciting Day, I realize how important it is to keep exercising. Whether I feel like it or not I get in my daily workout Monday through Friday (and



sometimes Saturday). I make sure to get my weight training, cardio, and stretching in. I would be walking too, but it has been raining every day, so I get stuff knocked off my to-do list instead.

My question to you summer sons and sisters out there: are you keeping up with your workouts? If a full-term pregnant woman can do it five to six times per week, you can definitely find the time (and energy) to do it at least twice a week. If you’re not a morning person, make it a priority to do it in the evening (after you’ve eaten of course—never on an empty stomach) preferably a couple of hours before bedtime so that you aren’t revved up when it’s time to wind down. If you are too exhausted by the end of the day, sacrifice that snooze button and get out of bed before your brain realizes what you are doing and squeeze it in. It can be walking, running, swimming, weights, yoga, etc. Whatever it takes to motivate you right now. Eventually you will have to change it up to keep getting results, but start off slowly and progress from there. If you work from seven to seven (or later) every day, utilize part of your lunch break. If you have a half hour, bring your lunch and spend the rest of the time taking a brisk walk or do a mini workout at a nearby park. One of my clients takes periodic breaks at work from being at her desk and climbs the stairs for 5-10 minutes at a time. Over the course of a day, this adds up big time. The possibilities are endless! The key is to do something every single day; the goal is to make it challenging so that your body will reap the most benefits.

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Crystal Manjarres is the owner of One-On-One Fitness, a private personal training and Pilates studio for men and women on Marco Island. She is a Certified Personal Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist and Stott Pilates certified instructor. Her focus is “Empowering men and women of all shapes and sizes”. To send in a question, email She can also be reached at or and 239-333-5771.


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