Wednesday, December 1, 2021


6L Farms Manager and Tia. - PHOTOS BY TRESA NIELSEN

6L Farms Manager and Tia. – PHOTOS BY TRESA NIELSEN

By Coastal Breeze News Staff

Many readers may remember reading about Tia Nielsen in Coastal Breeze News last year as she distributed presents she collected at Christmas to the migrant children at Six L Farms. Tia didn’t stop there! She also received Collier County Sheriff’s Office ‘Do the Right Thing Award’ and received a scholarship through the Kohl’s Cares Program. Tia is at it again! Now she has turned her love of math into an opportunity to explore her desire to teach by offering a new basic math study class to migrant children. Her goal is to assist the students with their multiplication tables. One student helping another can be most effective.

“It may seem elementary to us, but it is anything but basic. The foundation laid in the early years is the key to success in advanced math later on,” proclaims Tresa Nielsen, Tia’s mother. “The number of American students choosing math-related majors is falling, while going up in other countries. Yet history tells us it is a critical component of our economic success. We need to encourage our children and make mathematics more appealing to them. Tutoring not only reinforces Tia’s skills, but it satisfies her passion to help others.”

The manager of Six L Farms, Linda Garcia, offered Tia a classroom in her office building for classes. Mothers and/or children may attend the free math class. Tia researched and prepared lessons in learning Times Tables in 21 days along with a book of math lessons, charts, multiplication tricks to help remember the tables, a power point math flash card interaction game and a personal “Reward Box” filled with goodies.

Mrs. Garcia set up notices about the classes which commenced on November 5th. This aspiring young “teacher” has set an ambitious goal for herself. Past achievements can only suggest success in this new venture. The next class will be held December 5th.

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