Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Try Something New



By Pat Newman

The New Year is just around the corner, and it’s time to step out of my comfort zone and pick up a new skill or hobby. “Today’s” Hoda Kotbe strummed the guitar before a TV audience of kazillions recently, after only a few months of lessons. Bravo, Hoda!

So what should I pick up for 2015? I ran through a mental check list of things I have always wanted to try, and quickly dismissed most of the options due to fear or expense. Platform diving, trapeze flying and swimming with sharks topped the “too chicken” list. Becoming a Radio City Music Hall Rockette or having another baby fell into the “too old” category. Hiring a personal chef, spending two weeks at a luxury spa and opening an antique emporium were just “too expensive.”

One of my friends suggested I take up meditation. I can’t sit still for two minutes! Fishing? Too boring; but taxidermy could be a challenge. I like shell art, but am lethal with a hot glue gun. Bridge? Too mentally challenging. Mixology could be interesting, but I would have to drink all my creations which could lead to serious inebriation.

That leaves meat carving, learning chess, sculpting with paper mache, whittling and organic soap making. My adult sons visiting for Christmas reminded me of all the crazy schemes I hatched when they were growing up.

“Hey, Mom, remember when you wanted to buy that ice cream truck and sell gourmet confections in our old home town?” they asked

“Yes I do; and I contend it was still a good idea,” I answered.

“How about the time you wanted to fill up empty water bottles with sand, attach a rope and sell them to beachgoers drifting down the beach on their flotation devices,” they remembered

“Oh yeah. Anchors Aweigh. Should have done it,” I shot back.

Nonetheless, I have decided to take on something simple to start, like re-learning how to play the piano. Who knows? I may be appearing in a cocktail bar in your neighborhood next month!

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