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Trash/Recycling Collection Schedule for Upcoming Holidays

In the areas of Collier County serviced by Waste Management (including Marco Island and Everglades City), and in the Immokalee area serviced by Choice Environmental, the collection schedule is as follows.

Regularly scheduled garbage/recycling/yard waste collection will be on:

Friday, December 30
Saturday, December 31
Monday, January 2

New Year’s Day (January 1, 2012) falls on a Sunday. Since Sunday is not a regularly scheduled collection day, solid waste and recycling collection services will not be interrupted.

For additional information contact Margie Hapke, Public Utilities Division, at 239-252-2679.


Frequently Asked Questions – and Answers – about Recycling During the Holidays

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, the average American household increases its trash output by 25 percent. Recycling throughout the holiday season can help reduce that number. Here are a few tips on how from Collier County’s Solid Waste Management Department.

What do I do with all this cardboard?

Recycle it! Cardboard is one of the most commonly recycled materials. Its durability, long fibers and overall high quality allow cardboard to be recycled into an array of paper products, such as new cardboard, paper, paperboard, and more. Cardboard, including gift boxes and shipping cartons, may be broken down flat and placed in your recycling cart. Make sure the flattened cardboard doesn’t block other recyclables from coming out of the cart when it’s emptied. Be sure to remove any packaging material that is not recyclable (including tissue paper, Styrofoam peanuts and blocks). Large cardboard should be broken down flat and bound together in bundles no larger than 3’ x 3’ and placed next to your recycling cart on your recycling collection day. Cardboard items that cannot be recycled include pizza boxes (due to grease contamination), boxes that have not been flattened or emptied, and wet cardboard. An alternative to recycling your cardboard is to flatten the boxes and store them for reuse throughout the year.

Is wrapping paper recyclable?

It’s estimated that during the holiday season Americans throw out four million tons of wrapping paper and shopping bag waste. The good news is that most plain wrapping paper is recyclable and may be placed in your recycling cart. However foil, flocked, or glittered wrapping paper is not recyclable and must be thrown in the trash – along with shinny ribbon and bows. Alternatives to traditional gift wrap include some fun and frugal ideas like –

Newspaper – use the color comics from the Sunday paper to wrap gifts. You can use the inserts as well. When the gifts are opened, toss all the paper in the recycling bin.

Paper grocery bags – let the kids draw pictures on the paper, or write a greeting to the person receiving the gift. The paper can serve as a gift name tag as well. Paper grocery bags are fully recyclable.

Put a gift in a gift – wrap a kitchen gadget in a colorful dish towel. Wrap a book in a SnuggieTM, or hide a new necklace inside a new purse.

Are holiday cards recyclable?

Each year 2.65 billion Christmas cards are made. It’s the same as with wrapping paper – most plain cards are recyclable, but not the ones with foil, flocking, or heavy glitter. Foil lined envelopes are not recyclable. Look for creative ways to reuse the cards – like cutting the backs off holiday cards that do not have writing behind the front and use them as gift tags (punch a hole in the corner for string or ribbon).

Can I recycle my Christmas tree?

If you have curbside waste collection service, you may place Christmas trees curbside on your regularly scheduled yard waste collection day for free removal. Since the collected trees are mulched, they must be free of ALL decorations, including lights, tinsel, ornaments, etc.). Do not wrap the trees in plastic. Trees over six feet in length must be cut in half. Trees should be placed curbside before 6:00 a.m. on your yard waste collection day (but no earlier than 6:00 p.m. the evening prior to your collection day).­­­­

Residents in multi-family complexes – those with compactors and/or dumpster service – will need to contact their property management company to make arrangements for the removal of Christmas trees. OR, bring your tree to one of Collier County’s Recycling Drop-off Centers for free disposal.

For additional information contact Margie Hapke, Public Utilities Division, at 239-252-2679.

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