Monday, October 18, 2021

New Traffic Light at Collier and Winterberry

Residents on Marco Island have watched patiently as the Marriott’s Crystal Shores Vacation Club has slowly wound down their responsibilities regarding the completion of work which would finalize that project at the intersection of Winterberry Drive and South Collier Boulevard.

As part of the agreements between the city and Marriott Corporation, certain public improvements were to be made as part of the Site Development Plan.

Public beach access with certain amenities were to be provided as part of those agreements. That access is located on the west side of Collier Boulevard at the intersection of Winterberry Drive and has a paver walkway to the beach, along with a ramp to provide access with lighting, a restroom facility and a showering point.

There is also a pick up and drop off area just south of the access point on the west side of Collier Boulevard for the convenience of beachgoers. The east and west side of South Collier Boulevard is also connected with a brick paver walkway.

By the end of the month, the final phase of those public amenities will be finalized when the intersection of Winterberry and South Collier Boulevard will have traffic signalization fully functional. This will allow for a safer environment for vehicle and pedestrian traffic in that area.

Photo by Steve Stefanides

One response to “New Traffic Light at Collier and Winterberry”

  1. Andre’ says:

    Finally! Surprised that nobody been hit there trying to cross the street. Now if the Marriott can fund some pedestrian bridges in front of their hotel that would be great since you have to go 10mph thru there otherwise you’ll run over a tourist or valet.

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