Friday, October 22, 2021

Traffic Modification & Detour



The Estates Sewer District Construction traffic plan for Winterberry Dr & S. Barfield Dr. will be modified WEDNESDAY JUNE 13TH (weather permitting). This will require a Detour for eastbound Winterberry traffic and a minor change in the routing of two-way traffic on S. BARFIELD DR. between Winterberry Dr & Inlet Dr.

All Eastbound Winterberry Dr traffic will be detoured to the north at Sand Hill St, to San Marco Rd. Work scheduled for the intersection of Winterberry & S. Barfield will not allow left turns (north onto Barfield Dr).

All S. Barfield traffic between Winterberry Dr. and Inlet Dr (1 block) will be diverted to the east side of the median, to travel on the northbound (east) side of the road. Speed limits in the construction zone detour will be posted at 25 mph. This modified traffic pattern is required to perform Water Main construction work near both intersections.

This temporary traffic pattern will be in effect for the entire work day 5/13. Normal traffic on Winterberry will be restored at the end of the workday. Two-way traffic will be restored to the west side of the S. Barfield median at the end of the workday. Delays should be expected through this area. 

Access by local traffic to residences and side-streets will be maintained, however, due to construction, residents may need to go around the barricades or around the block to get to their property.

Message boards and warning signs will be posted to give advanced notice to the public. All residents and service industry vehicles are encouraged to use alternate routes (see below) or allow extra time when using S. Barfield Dr.

Suggested Alternate Routes:
Winterberry Dr.

  • EASTBOUND – Follow detour north on Sand Hill, to East on San Marco, to south on S. Barfield Dr.

S. Barfield Dr.

  • SOUTHBOUND – No Alternate Route, follow two-way traffic pattern.
  • NORTHBOUND – No Alternate Route, follow two-way traffic pattern.

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