Monday, January 17, 2022

Tours, Buildings and Exotic Cars



Donna Fiala

By Donna Fiala

Some of you have taken one or more of my County Government tours to acquaint yourself with what goes on behind the scenes in county government such as the landfill and gas to energy plant, water and wastewater treatment plants, parks, museums, the jail, etc. I am in the planning stages for next year’s tours and wanted to mention them to you, as well as ask if any of you have any special requests you would like to submit to my office. We continue to have requests each year for the Landfill (we could even include lunch up there if you’d like – a little joke on my part – sorry), so we’ll plan another trip there, including the gas to energy plant.  Also we are planning another trip to the Domestic Animal Shelter, the jail, the traffic calming and traffic light timing department within the transportation division of the county, possibly the Bus System and transfer stations, and water/wastewater. I’m always delighted to see people take an interest in where their tax dollars go, and meet the staff who make it all possible.

One of the tours we just finished was a tour of some of the parks, including the North Regional Park and the privately funded Children’s Museum within the North Regional Park. We had about 30 people along, and all were completely amazed at all that goes on that they had never even realized existed. I will mention tours and dates in the late summer or early fall in this column,

Donna Fiala

Donna Fiala

but if anything interests you or you’d like to reserve a space (we “sell out” quickly and usually have to create a wait-list) on a tour that especially interests you, please contact Alex, my assistant, at 252-8601, or e-mail us at

*So many people ask what is happening to that metal structure that has been standing at the intersection of 951 and Davis Blvd. which has been unfinished for about seven years. We continue to ask the developer, and most recently they said they renewed their permit for another two years, and have complied with all the requirements to keep it mowed and neat, but they have no plans at this time.  It’s kind of frustrating to look at that “skeleton building” every time you drive in that area, but Benderson Development has complied with their permit, so there is nothing more we can do.

*If any of you have driven down Davis Blvd. near Airport Rd. recently, you might have noticed the old Sprint Building, which looked so ugly for ever so long with the chain link fence and asphalt everywhere. Well, a good news item is a car dealership has been remodeling the place and it looks really great! The took down that awful fence and installed plantings and trees instead, painted the building white, and installed a huge glass showroom, where he will display the exotic cars he will be selling such as Porsche’s, Lamborghini’s, Maserati’s, Ferrari’s and the like. I can hardly wait till they open, which looks like it won’t be much longer. No, I don’t plan on buying one of those cars, but I will love to look at them!

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