Monday, January 24, 2022

Touchdown Club Donates Equipment to MIA Football



The Marco Island Academy Rays Touchdown Club, a local booster club made up of Marco area residents, has made its first significant donation to MIA’s varsity football program — new equipment.

The new equipment donated includes a Generation Two Vertical Power Model hydration system from Waterboy Sports, as well as video equipment enabling coaches to video tape Rays’ games.

“With the hot weather we have here in Southwest Florida, it is vital that we keep these students well hydrated,” said Wayne Purvis, Touchdown Club president. “It is also important to assure coaches have the resources they need for teaching our student athletes. That’s where the video equipment comes in.”

Purvis indicated that these donations were just the beginning, and the club would be looking to provide equipment that would enhance a student athlete’s learning experience.

“Community involvement is a key aspect to successful football programs,” added Rays head football coach Greg Fowler. “It is fantastic to see this level of support helping us help these kids learn in the safest manner possible.”

Founded to provide resources for amateur athletics at the area’s local charter high school, the Touchdown Club is made of members of the Marco Island community. Unlike public schools, equipment and support for charter school athletic programs must be raised from private donations rather than public funds.

For those interested in membership, please call Wayne Purvis at 239-389-1265 or Michael Hook at 239-970-2420 for information.

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