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Total Sun Block

Adrian Sabatino. Submitted

Adrian Sabatino. Submitted

By Gina Sisbarro

Where can you bring your little ones to get 100% protection from the sun? Adrian Sabatino has just the right solution. He is the owner of a children’s play gym right in Naples off Airport Pulling Rd called “Jumping Jacks.” I stumbled upon this colorful unique indoor playground during my travels to seek out fresh and different choices to shop, play, tour or just plain old recreate. This little gem has climbing structures, ball pits, a bounce house, interactive activities for children, infant and toddler areas complete with a parent lounge, and it’s fully air conditioned!

Another feature is the gym for children six years of age and under. The idea came to Adrian after he started his own family.  “My wife and I were discussing one evening how great it would be to bring our baby to a play area where we don’t have to worry about our child getting run over by bigger kids. We have avoided such places after hearing stories from our friends and family on how dangerous it can be for a toddler to move freely around without getting knocked over by a much bigger and aggressive older child. That’s when it hit us, why not do it ourselves!”

With that thought in mind Jumping Jacks went from an idea back in June ‘09 to a fully operated gym, just seven months young. It’s the only gym of its kind that caters to “little people.” Here is another great perk, it’s open seven days a week and hosts birthday parties. Not too many places you can go to on Marco, outside of your home to host “kiddie parties.” Packages start from your basic two hour party of supervised play and party room accommodations to full out parties with all the trimmings from paper goods, to balloons, to pizza, to cake. Whether you choose to go easy or full out, the best part is set up and clean up is done by a staff member! That alone is worth the bucks.

There is a certain amount of liability associated with kid parties in the home. Let’s face it, whether or not the parent is watching her child in your home, if an accident happens you are responsible! I’ve heard of many lawsuits from “backyard” mishaps from falling off swings to having the family dog take a bite out of the party! Why not leave the supervised play to the experts? Yes, there are rules and boundaries and yes, parents must be present with their children. The trick is to have law and order without taking away from the fun for the children. It’s disguised very cleverly.

There are many regulars who make Jumping Jacks part of their weekly routine as well as out of town visitors. Adrian smiles as he recalls his favorite group. “We have a bunch of firemen dads who have a regularly scheduled tea party with their daughters. Some of these guys are pretty big and muscular, but when they are with their daughters they turn into giant teddy bear dads!”

There is a new feature to Jumping Jacks, a gently used children’s clothing and equipment retail store that has been in operation for three months. Adrian explains, “When I first opened up my gym doors that’s all I heard was parents asking me where they can pick up a used child’s safety gate, strollers, party clothes, all sorts of things. When the unit next to me opened up that’s when I took advantage and decided to take care of the needs of the parents looking for these items. Everything is 75% off retail prices. It’s not a consignment shop, I purchase the clothing from the seller and I own the items. I sort through all the clothing and only purchase those pieces that are acceptable. If the items do not meet the standards you can donate them through me to the Children’s Advocacy Center. When I discovered that Collier County has no tax dollars available for social services I knew this is where I could make a difference. The children who are the recipients of the clothing all have one thing in common; they have lasting scars of emotional, physical or sexual abuse. CAC is able to address these needs immediately as well as long term to these children who have been harmed. It’s an organization I feel strongly about forming a community partnership with.”

Adrian has a very committed, dedicated staff. His own mom volunteers on the gym side of the business making it a family affair. Give Jumping Jacks a try. It will beat the heat in Florida, provide economically affordable children’s items and support a good cause all at the same time! For more info on Jumping Jacks, visit their website at or call 239-514-PLAY.


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