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Physician’s Regional workshard to reduce ER wait time with a 30-minute ER Service Pledge. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

Physician’s Regional workshard to reduce ER wait time with a 30-minute ER Service Pledge. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

Scott Lowe
CEO of Physicians Regional  

Healthcare Emergency? Why Wait?

It is that wonderful time of the year, when our weather is balmy and northern climates are frigid. When people pack up and head south for warmer days, and fun in the sun. Yes, season is here. And as our population swells, we also see increased time spent waiting.

Whether it be in traffic, as there are more cars on the roads; in restaurants, as more diners enjoy our great local food; at the checkouts, as retail businesses have more shoppers; on golf courses, as people enjoy being able to play a round in the warmer climate of Southwest Florida, etc.

Our team at Physicians Regional Healthcare System can also tell because our emergency departments at both our Collier Boulevard and Pine Ridge hospitals are seeing many more patients every day. And when you are experiencing a healthcare emergency, the last thing you need to do is wait.

Emergency medicine is about three things: compassion, skilled care, and speed.

First, we want doctors and nurses to be nice to us, and our loved ones who are in the ER with us.

Secondly, we want highly trained doctors, nurses, and other clinicians to care for us.

Finally, we want these professionals to quickly diagnose what is wrong with us, and get us on a treatment plan so we will feel better as soon as possible.

At Physicians Regional Healthcare System, we are dedicated to offering quality care and outstanding service—and also to providing that care as efficiently and quickly as possible.

We are so confident in our ability to have our patients quickly seen that we have made a 30-minute ER Service Pledge: a medical professional (physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner) will work diligently to have patients initially seen within 30 minutes of their noted arrival (check-in) in the ER.

Timely and effective care in hospital emergency departments is essential for good patient outcomes. Delays before receiving care in the ER can reduce the quality of care and increase

Hunter Brown, D.O., Emergency Department Medical Director, Physicians Regional-Collier Boulevard.

Hunter Brown, D.O., Emergency Department Medical Director, Physicians Regional-Collier Boulevard.

risks and discomfort for patients with serious illnesses or injuries.

ER wait times can vary widely, depending on the number of patients seen, staffing levels, efficiency, admitting procedures, or the availability of inpatient beds. Our ER Pledge helps assure patients that a hospital is dedicated to not only offering quality care but also to working diligently to provide that care as efficiently as possible. Our ER Pledge is part of a larger initiative that includes efforts to improve patient satisfaction.

We are extremely pleased to have the support of the dedicated team of doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners from Integrated Emergency Medicine Specialists—our Emergency Medicine physician group—who truly feel that quicker care is best for the patient.

“The best place for patients experiencing healthcare emergencies is in the ER, not the waiting room,” said Dr. Hunter Brown, Medical Director of the Collier Boulevard Emergency Department. “We work diligently to quickly assess and diagnose patients so that we can move them to their next station of care. That may be an admission to the hospital for observation or more extended care, or it might be that they are discharged home with prescriptions and instructions for self-care.”

Dr. Brown and his colleagues are dedicated to meeting our pledge for every patient, every time.

I am also extremely proud of the dedicated care teams at our hospitals. This includes the nurses and technicians in our emergency department as well as the ladies and gentlemen in our lab, radiology, respiratory therapy, pharmacy, and other departments who all work as part of our multidisciplinary team.

Our goal is simple: Provide the highest quality of care to the patients we serve.

We hope that you will never need an emergency room. However, in the event you do—either for yourself or a loved one—we hope you will remember only one health system has made a pledge that you will be seen by a physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner within 30 minutes of check-in: Physicians Regional Healthcare System – Collier Boulevard and Pine Ridge.

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