Monday, January 24, 2022

To the Editor: Bill Harris



To the Editor:

Often, as election time nears, we wonder who we should vote for. This year’s election includes the selection of three Councilors for the City of Marco Island.

As a Marco Island full time resident who frequently attends City Council meetings, I always find that Victor Rios, who is currently running for City Council, is always in attendance. He shows detailed knowledge of city issues and his comments are not only informative, but show that he has carefully studied the issues that concern many of us.

Victor supports a “balanced growth for Marco Island, so that our wonderful island continue to be the beautiful place that it is and which we all love.

He can as easily talk about the budget, as he can about the many other issues currently in the forefront of things to be dealt with. It shows that he has a strong grasp for financial, management and technical issues. Very sorely needed capabilities and skills to help guide our city in a fiscally and responsible manner.

With such a strong candidate, my wife Joan and I had a very easy decision. We are not only voting for Victor Rios; we also ask all Marco Island voters to give him your vote.

Whether you are voting absentee, early, or on election day, please make sure that you check Victor Rios name in you ballot.



Bill Harris
101 Greenview Street
Marco Island, FL 34145

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