Wednesday, October 27, 2021

‘Tis The Season

‘TIS THE SEASON for the attack of the transient rental guests. We wait all year for the nice weather so we can open our windows and enjoy the fresh MI air. Unfortunately for us, the renters at (————–) ave have brought their barking dog which they leave unattended outside while they’re out! TYPICAL.

My question is this: when is the City going to enforce its own ZONING REGULATIONS which prohibit the operation of a business (as defined by the state) within residential zones?

Might I ask what other laws and regulations can owners of these properties, and others, ignore?

Can we stop paying our taxes since these owners do not have the required state license to operate, nor do they collect and pay all related taxes while they turn our “residential” zones into “commercial” zones?

Who has the authority to selectively pick and choose what regulations are enforced?

I’m wondering what others will say when they’re jumping through hoops to abide by zoning regulations, while others simply ignore them sans proper City Enforcement of ‘that particular’ zoning regulation?

BTW Happy Holidays to you and your family! We don’t know how ours will be since we never know who’s moving in and out of these unregulated Marco Mini Motels and what problems they bring with them.


Ernest Zuccarelli
Marco Island

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  1. Joe Batte says:

    I tried hard to get a rental ordinance when I was on city council with little help from my fellow councilors so we now have no ability to regulate these flophouses rented in residential areas. So we all continue to. Suffer.
    But we did pass a strong noise ordinance which you should use to correct that barking dog,

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