Thursday, January 27, 2022

Tips for Saltwater Shore Fishing in the 10,000 Islands


First I want to mention that we have been so fortunate to not receive any of the red tide that some of the northern Florida counties have received this summer. The bite is on and it has been one of the best fishing seasons here that we have ever seen. A good angler knows that you don’t always have to have access to a boat in order to find success in saltwater fishing. There are many ways you can have just as much success staying dry on the shoreline when you visit the 10,000 Islands for a bit of fishing fun.

The Best Time of Year

When fishing, you want to take note of spring and fall migration patterns and use this knowledge to your advantage. The Spring months of March through May and the fall months of September through November are some of the best times to fish along the Gulf Coast beaches.

These months are also when the fish are their strongest and movement will be plenty. All of these factor into a successful saltwater shore fishing trip.

A great charter fishing trip resulted in a nice tripletail.

The Best Time of the Day

Many people who often fish in Florida are already aware that the best times for fishing of any kind would be earlier in the morning or later in the day. Florida’s hot sun and continuous rainstorms- especially in the summer months- can mean the fish aren’t biting as much.

Set out early in the morning before the sun has had the chance to heat up the water or late in the evening when the sun is setting, and the afternoon showers have come and gone.

Choosing the Best Bait

Choosing the right bait is also an essential component of any successful fishing trip. While artificial bait definitely has its advantages, shore fishing may be the ideal time to try your hand with live bait.

When you are shore fishing, you are not moving as you probably would if you were out on a boat. Being sedentary means that there isn’t much action on the line to attract the fish. Fresh shrimp is a good choice for shore fishing, and it will even stay on the hook a lot better. Casting and reeling artificial bait while sitting and waiting just isn’t the ideal way to fish while on shore.

Dial Down the Equipment

Finally, when saltwater shore fishing in the 10,000 Islands, you don’t necessarily have to carry all your usual gear with you like you would if you were going out on the boat. Carrying the necessities and keeping it simple is all you need to do. Your spinning rod, test braid, a small tackle box with your essentials, a spool of fluorocarbon, and a pair of pliers are all you really need.

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