Sunday, November 28, 2021

Tips and Tricks: Surviving High School



By Gabriella Perez

It’s that time of the year again for those of us still in school. Our two months of fun and relaxation have sadly come to an end, although returning to a new year of school can be kind of exciting not to mention slightly nerve wracking for those new to the area. Though once school is in session, you really start to miss those lazy summer days doing nothing but eating, sleeping and hanging with friends.

This year, I will be junior at Marco Island Academy, which is a huge relief knowing I survived those first two crazy years. I had just moved to Naples not even a week before starting my freshman year at MIA. I remember being extremely nervous starting my first day in a new school as a freshman. After a while once I knew my way around and made more and more friends, I started to realize there is nothing at all to be afraid of. The anxiety most teens get when starting a new school is really all in our heads.

High school can be either the greatest, or worst, time of our lives, depending on how you choose to experience it. From my perspective, I have always thought of high school as being the airport or train station of our lives. We spend time thinking about and preparing where we want to go, and after a while, we are put on the path to our destination. You can choose to make it memorable or ordinary, all depending on your attitude and outlook. I strongly advise you make the best of every second because soon or later it will all be just a memory.

There is a lot you will learn in high school, besides what’s in the books. Numerous life lessons will be learned, which are valuable to be better prepared for the years ahead. I can tell you, from my experience in high school so far, not everything will be to your liking. You will have good days, and you may have some not so good days, but that’s really when you start to realize that’s how life is and will continue to be. Though MIA may be different from most high schools, there’s still much to learn in your journey to adulthood.

Many teens may have heard stories of high school, including bullies, evil teachers, cruel upperclassmen and whatever else the movies have convinced you to believe. I can assure that almost none of that is legitimate. Especially at Marco Island Academy, bullies or any form of bullying is not tolerated. Also you will find in high school and life in general, that you will not come to like everyone. My advice is to stay out of any drama or trouble and stick to the positive. This will help tremendously, and make your high school experience a lot more suitable.

As a current junior at Marco Island Academy, I strongly hope my advice and two years of experience can help any soon-to-be or current freshman, and even anyone already attending high school. Throughout the rest of my high school years, I know more knowledge will be gained not only in books but in life skills and situations. Everyone has the choice to enjoy their high school experience, I advise you to make the right one and enjoy this and upcoming school years.


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