Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Time to Restore Order

More Straight Talk

These several months have been difficult for many around the world. The COVID-19 Pandemic and other unfortunate unrest have caused many to question their core beliefs in themselves and allow a weakening of their spirits. 

As I sit here this evening and write my column, I am convinced we as a people cannot allow ourselves to start questioning the greatness of the American experience or lose faith in who we are as a nation and its core values. 

Just this last weekend we celebrated our 244th Birthday. Our Republic is as strong as ever and the values which are found in both the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights serve as an example that all free men and women around the world aspire to. 

Today, we as the citizens of this great nation still strive to seek out justice for those that have been denied that basic right. It is that desire to see all men and women, regardless of race, color or creed be afforded that basic right. 

We as Americans have seen both difficult and good times over the years of our existence as a free society. We have often been blamed for the evil in the world by those seeking to divide us, but we are the first people to be called upon to rid the world of true evil itself.  

In the view of America’s critics, both domestic and foreign we don’t appear to be able to do anything right and they will afford themselves any opportunity to take the cheap shots, whenever they feel they can take advantage of the timing. 

We are a nation that is strong enough to believe in reflective patriotism. That we have the strength to reflect on our weaknesses and criticisms, while seeking to repair those very faults and improving on those which we find are not worthy of the pillars of our very foundation as a nation. 

We did so with slavery, with segregation and racial injustice. We looked at ourselves and contemplated the meaning of the phrase in our Declaration of Independence, which declared “All Men Are Created Equal. As a people, we sought to right the injustice of the time as we matured as a people. That journey has been a long and difficult one, but one which we as a people were dedicated to seeing to a successful conclusion, no matter how difficult that journey might be. 

We are a people that have dedicated treasure and blood to protect those who have and are fighting against tyranny. Our soldiers stepped onto foreign soils all over the world, not to conquer or enslave those people, but to free those being oppressed by totalitarianism.  

Our detractors seek to exaggerate our faults and they turn their backs on what is good and great about the America I know. They do so to destroy this grand Republic and replace it with an experiment in Socialism which has so miserably failed over the years. 

My family’s lineage is that of immigrants. Both my mothers and fathers’ parents came to this country to find a better life for themselves. They would bring much of what they loved about their cultures, but they would seek to assimilate into their new homeland. They would adopt America as their new home and became a part of the fabric which has made this such a wonderful nation, rich in many heritages and traditions. We as a nation celebrate those heritages and traditions and would never seek to eliminate them. Because of this, we are stronger nation for it as Americans. 

You would have had to of traveled throughout the world as I have to see what true poverty is. Third World Nations will find Americans working there to lift those peoples out of distress. Americans are there to help provide for safer drinking water, better hygiene and to try and lift the most vulnerable out of the most abysmal states of poverty you can imagine. 

When that symbol, which some choose to burn today on our own streets in protest, is seen by those in need, it represents the last great prospect for hope in some of the most desolate places on the planet. The American Flag provides hope for those who had none, not for a cheap political visual for a 30second view on the nightly newscast.  

We are the nation that has put men on the moon, developed cures for diseases which previous to now have killed millions and developed technological marvels that have created a better way of life for all.  

Today, men and women are living longer, more satisfying lives. In 1900 the life expectancy in the United States was 50 years old. Today, it is more than 75 years. More time to play with grandkids and enjoy a more vigorous life. 

Are we a perfect nation? Of course not. We are fallible as human beings, but we have shown we can correct these imperfections and rise to greater accomplishments throughout our 244-year history.  

America is far from being an evil nation, as some on the left would like to describe us. The America I know is made up of individuals of great humanity and kindness. We are first to assist those in need, no matter where that need exists and are some of the most generous individuals on the planet. 

We don’t burn down buildings, torch cars, pillage storefronts and loot businesses. We accomplish change by being part of the solution and not the problem. We don’t violently assault innocent civilians or attack first responders and law enforcement officers.  

Our patience for this type of criminal behavior has reached its breaking point and these heinous acts must end or those which participate in them will face the consequences. Our liberties and our democracy are at risk and we must act to restore order. 

I’m tired of this, as are the majority of Americans witnessing the carnage being wrought upon the American landscape. Enough is enough it is time to restore the order and dignity, which was once the America we were all proud of.  

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