Thursday, December 2, 2021

Time for Decorations!

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The dates are going by like a speeding locomotive! I’ve already put up my Fall decorations, but I’ll have my son take them down and help me put up the Thanksgiving decorations because time is going so quickly and I’d never get it done on time. Plus, our whole gang will be thereand I have kind of a large family for Thanksgiving dinner every year, and then after we eat and the girls clean up the kitchen, the guys quickly take down the Thanksgiving Turkey’s and Pilgrims and Pumpkins and put up the tree and decorate the outside of the house for Christmas. The kids actually put up all the Christmas outdoor decorations after Thanksgiving dinner!  

I love this time of year! Things look bright and cheerful when people decorate. No, I don’t climb up the trees or roof anymore, but I have kids and grandkids that will and DO! It makes the whole neighborhood look happy and friendly, and this year I’ll be home a lot more! With no job or commitments, I’ll have lots of time to decorate and bake. Don’t worry county employees, I’ll still bake all those cookies and maybe MORE this year! Maybe we could even have a cookie bakeoff! No, I don’t go up north at all until late spring or early summer. I love it up there… once it turns to 72 degrees and above. Below that, I’d freeze to death.  

*Recently, an old injury kicked up and I could barely move my arm. I thought that after a summer rest it would get better, but I was wrong. So, when I got back to Florida, I sought the help of a terrific Physical Therapist named Dr. Phil Standhart. He opened his own business while I was goneinstead of working for someone elsebehind the new Wawa at US 41 & Price Street. I found him and made an appointment. He helped my knee after my knee surgery and it definitely went well. Then my Stenosis of the Spinemy poor mom suffered from that so badlyreared its ugly head, so back again I went a couple years ago. I don’t like nor will I take pain pills, so P.T. is the only way for me to go. So now with this shoulder problem, I’m back there again.  

While I was there, Phil told me of a startling thing that happened to him. He went to bed earlier than his wife that night; the kids were already in bed. His wife laid down, but woke up when she felt he had stopped breathing! She gently shook him, but he didn’t respond, so she really shook him and then called 911, unlocked the front door and started applying CPR pressure until they arrived. When EMS took over, he still wasn’t responding, and they applied all the equipment that was necessary and started him breathing again. This was a Sunday and he didn’t wake up till Thursday and had no idea what had happened or why he was in the hospital. This man is only in his 40’s! Who would ever expect someone that young and in good shape, would have something like that happen?  

Thankfully. he was married to a wife who recognized he wasn’t breathing and applied CPR. They still don’t know what caused this anomaly, but the doctors knew he needed a Pace Maker so it wouldn’t happen again. I don’t know what lessons can be learned because he had no symptoms, but one thing for sure: cherish and treasure your family, hold them close, and don’t concentrate on your phone, concentrate on THEM. Luckily Phil is not stuck to his phone, but many of us ARE. I asked him if it would be okay if I wrote about his story, and he approved, even though he doesn’t know what I’m saying. It’s a real heads up for many of us to pay attention to our spouse and/or children instead of our phones. God was watching over Phil and his family, and they certainly know and praise Him!  

*Okay… onto Lely High School. It’s seldom we hear about Lely High School even though a large portion of Marco students attend that school. I hope you won’t mind, but we have lots of kids there who get very little attention from the press, so I’d like to focus on all of those kids who do such a great job but we don’t hear about them. I’ve been told that there are as many Marco kids going to MIA as there are attending Lely, so they should also be recognized for their skills and ability. All great kids deserve to be recognized! They deserve kudos for their achievements as well. Of course, also mixed among them are East Naples kids, Goodland kids, Capri kids, Fiddler’s kids, Port of the Islands kids, and surrounding areas who are attracted to the level of subjects that are offered at Lely.  

A while back, I mentioned the rescue efforts of the Lely students reaching out to help the Bahamians after they were devastated by a Hurricane last year, but I don’t know how many people were here to read that story, and I feel it’s worth mentioning again. The Lely kids, all on their own, went out seeking and collecting muchneeded supplies such as blankets, sheets, pillows, food, diapers, clothes, shoes and everything a household needs after the houses were demolished with nothing remaining. After only a short time, the kids brought all their items into the auditorium to be boxed, when one of the teachers asked how they plan to get those things over to the Bahamian people? Then the Flight Instructor voiced an offer: “I own a plane, he said. “I will loan it to one of the graduates of the flight school who has already achieved their pilot’s license!”  

It didn’t take long, and soon five flights were flown to the Bahamas with these much-needed supplies. Unless you read it in my column last year, I don’t believe anyone even heard about it, so I’m going to try to fill in things like this that would be interesting and newsworthy in future columns, so ALL great kids get recognized. The Coastal Breeze already writes every week about MIA, which is great, so I won’t interfere with that news, but I’ll just add info when I can, about other students living in this area as well.  

*A little about the Lely High School Swim Meet. Collier County will hold their first athletic conference meet this year on Thursday, October 10th, at Eagle Lakes Aquatic Center. There will be six high schools: Palmetto Ridge, Naples, Lely, Barron Collier, Golden Gate, and Gulf Coast. Each participant will only be able to invite 2 guests. I’m going to peek in from behind the gate to watch. It’s really quite thrilling to see all those school buses pull upand there will probably be many more so they can safe-distance the kidsand the kids pouring out of them last year. Although honestly, I don’t know how it will be done this year. Last year, the place was mobbed, but I’m sure you won’t see that this year. Next on October 22nd, there will be an All-Districts Meet with 12 teams! As yet, we don’t know if spectators will be allowed to enter. Let’s face it, we just have to take one day after another and learn from the day before. 



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