Tuesday, December 7, 2021

TigerTail Tony: Soon to Be A Legend.

Letter to the Editor

Shame on Collier County Parks & Recreation management. The last vestige of any recreation at TigerTail is now gone. The usurious county increasing fees have literally driven Tony Smith out of business. No more beach rentals or concessions. Once the pristine jewel of Marco is rapidly becoming an avian septic eyesore. Humans not welcome.

If you have visited TigerTail 20 or more years ago, you may remember it when there were pure white sandy beaches, clear fresh gulf waters and a one of a kind tropical setting for the entire family. Once an asset, now a detriment to local property values. There used to be turtle nests there. REALLY!

While not directly under the authority of Marco Island, the city has done nothing to aid and assist in the protection of this asset to all Marco Island residents. Collier County’s greed for more revenue is now the final nail for Tony Smith.

  • Beach re-nourishment EVERYWHERE for multiple years, except TigerTail Beach.
  • Every extreme high tide or rain event leaves the beach in standing water for days/weeks.
  • Now 50% of the beach is covered with sharp shells left over from the South Beach renewal.
  • The beach is no longer raked. Seaweed and bird droppings accumulate until the odor dries up.

Now we know why there has been a sign-in/out at the guard shack stating, “NO REFUNDS!”

Thank you, Tony, for years of fun at TigerTail. We will miss you.



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