Saturday, October 16, 2021

Tigertail Lagoon at Risk

Dear Sir;

During a recent conversation with a resident of Hideaway Beach it came to my attention that there is a major issue regarding water flow in the Tigertail lagoon.  Briefly, the lagoon has become very shallow, particularly in an area approximately three-quarters of the way down from the mouth of the lagoon. In other words, the shallow region is just north of the area used as a recreational beach, adjacent to the County parking lot. 

The net result is that the tidal flow of water is now insufficient to flush the lagoon and exchange the water by the beach. I understand the Hideaway community has obtained a proper engineering report, and the recommended solution is to perform some limited dredging work in the affected areas. 

I would ask that you make Marco residents aware of the problem and ask that all residents raise this issue with our City and County leaders. The lagoon serves as a tremendous recreational resource for residents and visitors, as well as a vital resource for wading and migratory birds. To ignore the issue will result in the lagoon becoming a stagnant pool, unfit for human use, and potentially far worse.


Sincerely yours,
Andrew Tyler
Marco Island

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  1. Robert Gloodt says:

    Meeting scheduled for Wednesday September 18 11:00 AM at the Marco Island Collier County Library ‘Rose Hall’ regarding Tigertail Lagoon environmental condition and outlook.

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