Friday, December 3, 2021

Tigertail Beach Volunteer Clean-up Efforts Help the Environment


With recent water issues impacting the wildlife on Tigertail beach, concerned Marco Island residents and guests often look for ways to mitigate some of the problems that area wildlife face, as well as helping to preserve and improve the beach for visitors. One very helpful activity is participating in beach clean-ups, and volunteers repeatedly pitch in, improving the environment for everyone.  

At the quarterly Tigertail beach clean-up, sponsored by Friends of Tigertail on Saturday, December 5, over 47 volunteers camemany with their own grabbers and pails, and fanned out to the lagoon and gulf beaches, boardwalks and paths to rid the area of trash. 15 students were present, many from the MIA Key Club that repeatedly supports the clean-ups; other schools and organizations were also represented. Many residents and guests participated individually and in groups, some for the first time. Over 58 pounds of debris were collected, including the usual cans, bottles, and cigarette butts, as well as beach toys, wood planks with rusty nails, and a barnaclecovered tire and crab trap. 

The Friends of Tigertail organization is most appreciative of the enthusiastic clean-up participants whose volunteer efforts go far to protect and preserve this beautiful area. The next clean-up is scheduled for April 10, 2021, partnering with the county’s annual Bay Days/Keep Collier Beautiful event. Information about this and other Friends of Tigertail activities can be found on their Facebook page, as well as on their website at 



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