Friday, December 3, 2021

Tigertail $1M Improvement Misspent

Letter to the Editor

As a 22+ year fulltime resident and 7-year prior visitor just blocks from Tigertail, I find the $1mil. Upgrade somewhat necessary, but woefully short of the urgent priority needs. BEACH RE-NOURISHMENT! The County has done it multiple times all up and down the coast. Tigertail is a stinky, muddy avian septic tank that floods with every high tide or heavy rain. YES! It WAS a white sugar sandy beach 20 years ago. Nature changed it but it can be made desirous to humans again. The birds don’t pay taxes! 

I used to walk it daily, but no more. Before they spend a single dollar on the proposed plans, the beach re-nourishment needs to be addressed FIRST. It is no coincidence that the guard shack has in/out signs “NO REFUNDS.” One last thing: $275,000 to upgrade an existing unisex bathroom with existing foundation, sewer, electric and plumbing to a separate male/female restroom is beyond ridiculous. I don’t think Collier County has its priorities or the best interests of the taxpayers in ANY of these plans. Where is the Marco Island City Council’s input here? Maybe a good election slogan for them: SAVE TIGERTAIL BEACH! 

Mark Brandau 

Marco Island 


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