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Thrill Her



All That Glitters
Richard Alan

I’m not sure if is part of our sixth senses or if it is an additional one. Being thrilled is a feeling we have all experienced at one time or another in our lives, maybe more so when we were younger. Remember the feeling you experienced on a Christmas past when you got that special toy or bicycle you were wishing for? Excitement and exhilaration come to mind. I expect your first ride on a roller coaster provided the same incredible experience.

Well, believe it or not jewelry can create the same feeling of excitement —a thrill.

The thrill of getting a nice piece of jewelry is not a new emotion. It’s been around as long as goldsmiths such as myself have been on the planet. Oh, I’m guessing we have been around 2,000 years or so.

The way to a man’s heart may be his stomach, but I know for a fact the way to any woman’s heart is a piece of gold jewelry, or better yet throw some diamonds and precious gems in there for the ultimate shock and awe effect! Any guy, or better yet any gentleman, with a half of brain knows what a gift of gold or a simple silver bauble can do to break the ice in a new relationship.

I don’t mean to be crass or risqué, but I’m convinced that jewelry would thrill most women even 2,000 years ago over an offering of a mangy chicken, skinny goat or muddied pig.

Just my convoluted theory, but give any women today a gift of a goat over jewelry on the island today and see how you make out!

In my humble establishment, which is only a simple family business involving my son Andrew, myself and a retired gentleman, Ronnie, who helps us out in the workshop during the busy season.

The back-room goldsmith workshop is where all the creative juices, skills and experience combine, and the resulting pieces of finished original or restored jewelry create the thrill.

Thrills happen regularly at 680 Bald Eagle Drive. My mother and cousins, who work on the showroom floor tending to customers, can attest to this, and its that combination of gold and precious gems — and a human touch — that provides the catalyst or ingredients that creates that emotion, a thrill to loved ones day after day.

My last article mentioned the “add-a-pearl” necklace one would start even at the birth of a baby girl, and a loved one or loved ones would begin the necklace with a single pearl and then progress with additional gift pearls on special occasions. The necklace would slowly approach completion as the years pass. The necklace is wearable for the young princess on special days providing the thrill each time she wears it. The final thrill is when the completed necklace is presented to her when she becomes a lady.

I’m not implying that jewelry is the only way to create a thrill for the fairer sex. I’m quite sure the gift of a new car, a new house or a European vacation would invoke the same result, but jewelry is far less expensive in most cases.

The thrill does not have to be expensive. A simple $15 chain repair or bracelet can invoke a thrill — now wearable and polished like new — brings that joy especially if it is a sentimental piece.

I have performed innumerable restorations of precious family heirlooms over the years. My most memorable was the restoration of the exact diamond engagement ring that Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman presented to his wife, now belonging to her great-great-granddaughter. The thrill created was intensified the moment I presented the completed piece to the family, and it was equally experienced by yours truly. That included the honor and pride of being trusted to perform the restoration on such an important artifact.

I discovered the way to encapsulate the emotion of a thrill. I experience a certain intensity of a thrill with every stunning piece of jewelry I create. Then place that completed piece of jewelry in a simple velvet container and add a little gift-wrapping, there you have it! Now, you can also enjoy the thrill created when she feasts her eyes on the contents upon opening the lid on a small ring or pendant box.

Practice random acts of kindness.

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