Friday, January 28, 2022

Three Way Stop Signs Coming to Marco

On Friday, September 28, 2018, the City of Marco Island’s Public Works Engineering Department will deploy three-way stop signs at the intersection of South Barfield Drive and Winterberry Drive.

The addition of these traffic control devices is required to provide additional safety to vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians associated with the connection of the new shared use pathways at this intersection.

The City will be conducting a week-long education campaign to inform residents, visitors and businesses using notifications to local media, the City’s website, 1690AM (the City’s Emergency & Information Radio Station), social media, electronic message boards and advance warning flags.

Please tell your friends, family and neighbors about the new shared use pathways and new traffic control devices. Ask them to use caution in the area beginning Friday as everyone becomes acclimated to the new traffic signage!

4 responses to “Three Way Stop Signs Coming to Marco”

  1. Donna Montgomery says:

    Nice to see stop signs going up! I am hoping that during a traffic study one of these stop signs is placed at the intersection of W.ElkcAm Circle and Collier? This intersection in front of McDonald’s is an accident waiting to happen. During season it’s almost impossible to make a left turn onto Collier. We own at the Smokehouse Bay Club next to Esplanade.

  2. Greg Dolan says:

    That is a 3-way intersection. What’s the point?

  3. Jim carrender says:

    Winterberry and Barfield is a T intersection where only the vehicles on Winterberry where required to stop until recently.

    Much more traffic is traveling through the intersection on Barfield direct so I find these new stop signs a burden to Barfield traffic and an extra burden to everyone who lives and works further south on Barfield. The ecological impact in gases and noise causes by these vehicles accelerating from a these new stop signs is significant.

    Lost time and fuel consumed at these stop signs for lawn crews, roofing crews, delivery truck, pool services , and many others at these unnecessary stops are also very significant. How many extra hydrocarbons are generated in the area is hard to calculate but again is significant.

    I hope the city of Marco Island will revist this decision with a new view from a more inclusive logical angle

    The public interest would be much better served with an automatic lighted pedestrian crosswalk such as in front of the Marriot hotel not a three way stop.

  4. Liliana carrender says:

    Winterberry & Barfield intersection. There is no point in changing a T intersection to a three way stop. Obsurb. The amount of pedestrian or vehicle traffic does not warrant it.

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