Thursday, October 21, 2021


Kenneth Honecker, Amadeo Petricca, and Larry Sacher, all of who are current candidates for the open seats on Marco Island City Council have announced that they are endorsing each other’s candidacy, and will be sharing some resources to help promote their respective campaigns.

In deciding to make this announcement, the 3 candidates explained: “As we talk to our fellow citizens, in addition to thanking us for running and expressing their support, the #1 question virtually everyone asks is ‘Who else do you think deserves our vote?’”  The reason they’ve decided to make this announcement is based on the similarity in their respective approach to what they feel Marco Island needs for both the present and future.

In explaining their respective decisions to seek Council seats, each candidate expressed concerns with the current Council, and especially took issue with the incumbents who are also running for reelection.  Among the concerns cited, the most grievous are the lack of transparency as evidenced by the minimal advance notice of “special called meetings” such as the one that forced through the 24/7 clinic referendum, despite the fact that Council had been advised 6 months previously by the Supervisor of Elections that they had until June to submit a referendum; a lack of financial discipline as evidenced in their approval of a budget with increases in spending of more than $1,000,000 while property values continue to decline; and the continued disconnect between City government and citizens as demonstrated by the approval of a 1st Reading of a Seawall Ordinance that has grave financial implications for both property owners who live on canals, as well as the impact to the City as a whole, without any vetting to the Community and little interaction with the contractors who actually perform the work.

Kenneth Honecker is best known to Marcoites for the contributions he made as Chairman of the Utilities Advisory Board; Amadeo Petricca, who served as Vice Chair of the UAB is probably best known for his constant contributions to City Council Meetings in addressing financial matters pertaining to the City; Larry Sacher co-founded the Marco Island Homeowners Association, which is known today as the Marco Island Property Owners and serves as an advocate for all property owners on Marco Island.

For additional information on each candidate: Kenneth Honecker (; Amadeo Petricca (; Larry Sacher (

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