Saturday, November 27, 2021

This Is My Opinion, And I’m Afraid for All of Us

Coastal Comments


Recently I read a story about legislators in Tallahassee contemplating a vote to reduce our Home Rule Policy in the entire state of Florida! Did everyone really understand what that meant? In my own way, I’ll boil it down to simple words: The legislators want to vote to take away our rights to protect our own communities, our own counties. Preempt means take away. So, in other words, in my own opinion, they want to take away our right to try to preserve and protect our homes and communities from buyers who only want to take over our communities for the money they can make. It’s not about protecting property rights! It’s about taking your rights away legally! And they are betting a lot of money to get the job done. One of the richest lobbies in Tallahassee is the real estate lobby with the highest level of lawyers and lobbyists in any of those businesses. They hire big and pay big to make lots more money NOT to lose! You cannot even protect your house or your neighborhood! AND it’s working its way through the legislature right now! They’ll probably say it’s for our own good, but I see no good at all in this one! And… I don’t know how we can stop them! It’s probably too far along to stop that speeding locomotive! Even the rules our HOA’s have are thrown in the garbage! They want to preempt what we hold dear – take away our freedom on this issue! If anyone can figure out how to save us from this disaster, you need to get a band of angels together and get it done, if that is even possible anymore.

* Well, Pickleball is again out on the field. After a long gap because of COVID, the Pickleball courts at the Pickleball park are in full use, and we’ve had two major tournaments this year already, and that doesn’t count games going on every day! And the MAJOR tournament, the U.S. Open, will be taking place next month in April. If you’ve never seen an Open, you need to go and observe! Plus, they sell pickleball gear as well. Many new things have started to take place at the park, including some upgraded bathrooms that were desperately needed. There’s much more to do, but until now, we were almost in a dozing mood – nothing major was going on, yet things were still taking place behind the scenes. Maybe the players were greatly reduced while things were partially closed, and precautions were taken every step of the way once the courts opened slightly more. We never really realize how much we need people and conversations and activity until it’s taken away from us. I just saw a film regarding animals in a zoo who were becoming lethargic and weren’t eating well anymore, nor were they responding to activities, etc. One wise person at that zoo brought in a piano and had a person playing for the animals, and they almost immediately came back to life! It was such a neat film, and you could see it happening right before your eyes – even birds and large sea creatures. You never know how much the human touch can do until you don’t have it.

*I’m not sure how many of you drive down Davis Boulevard, but it is really changing and for the better! You can tell regentrification is taking place. Some old buildings have just been torn down and replaced, while others have been improved upon greatly, or expanded or upgraded to today’s standards. And new buildings are sprouting up and it looks so much better already! It’s been a long time comin’, but it was sorely needed. Now a new BMW car dealership is being built, as we speak, on David Boulevard almost across from The Home Depot. Judging from the other places that have been built, it will be a showpiece. The veterinarians new building just opened a few months ago, and it is beautiful! It’s amazing what a difference is taking place! And I’m sure all the new structures bring more business to the area! Just a little more, and they won’t be able to accommodate all the new businesses. Of course, there are still a few that really need to be torn down! They’ll always cry they don’t have the money, but once they fix it up extensively, business will come as we’ve seen with the other businesses along Davis Boulevard! I would like to see them tear down that old Jack Su’s Restaurant, which became Grecian Gardens, and then the Little Italy building, to become a marvelous new and fresh restaurant built in its place. It’s a busy thoroughfare and will only get busier when the Triangle starts moving forward, and the developers have already put their money down, so I’m hoping we see that happen soon. You might have noticed that they completely renovated the old night club building, which used to be Thalheimer’s Jewelers auction house back in the day and is nearing final stages of being a top-notch architects’ office who is known in this area as designing only the finest! We will certainly be proud when he moves into his masterpiece building! I can hardly wait. Also, hidden away on a side street, is a man’s delight! A Man Cave like you wouldn’t believe! It’s not something just anyone can see or walk through, and it caters to some of the finest people you would ever meet. That’s all on that one. Breathtaking is a word I would use. It’s called Ultimate Garages Club, and you must be a member to walk in. That’s on a little street just one street beyond Davis Boulevard, behind the Porsche Dealership. Actually, there are a lot of exotic car dealerships in that particular area. It’s a dream come true for car enthusiasts. Enjoy!



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