Saturday, November 27, 2021

Third Annual Jerry Adams Chili Cook-Off



By Samantha Husted

A20-21-CBN-10-16-15-1On October 10, the Marco Island Fire Rescue Foundation (MIFRF) held their Third Annual Jerry Adams Chili Cook-Off, hosted by CJ’s on the Bay. The event raises money for the foundation, whose mission it is to support firefighters who are in financial, medical, or personal need, and to offer scholarships



to firefighters and their children.

The title of the event, and the chili theme, is in honor of Jerry Adams, a Marco Island firefighter, who in 2012 lost his battle to cancer. Jerry was known for his famous firehouse chili. A chili so popular and tasty, it quickly became a favorite for not only the firefighters on duty, but for the



staff as well. The event is important in that it keeps Jerry’s memory alive. The chili is homage to his great cooking, and the money raised in his memory is a tribute to his character.

A20-21-CBN-10-16-15-6This year there were 10 different chili-tasting stations. Each chili was as unique and delicious as the next,



making the competition fierce. But only a few could win the coveted engraved chili ladle. Participants casted their votes, and in the end, Stonewalls won for best restaurant, the Marco Island Fire Department won for best municipality/civic group and the Marco Island Group at Morgan Stanley won for best business. Congratulations winners! And to those who didn’t win, better luck
Morgan Stanely Business Winners

Morgan Stanely Business Winners

next year, your chili was great!

A20-21-CBN-10-16-15-4What is perhaps more impressive than the copious amounts of chili consumed, is the outpour of support Marco Island residents continue to give. It seems that our community spirit is strong and our willingness to help unmatched. A prime example, Mike Stapleton won the 50/50 raffle, which

Stonewalls Winners

Stonewalls Winners

he immediately donated to the Harper Stapleton Fund. Mike spoke a few words about the fund, set up for his young granddaughter suffering from a brain injury. Within a few minutes, the Morgan Stanley team donated their winnings to the Harper Stapleton Fund, another example of the giving nature of Marco Islanders.

The chili cook-off is an important event because of

City of Marco Island Fire Department Winners

City of Marco Island Fire Department Winners

this. It brings us together for an important cause, helps us remember a fallen firefighter, and allows us to binge eat chili, guilt free.

Chili Cook-off Teams

Home Watch Report
Denny Verbance

Marco Island Fire-Rescue
Ray Ladurini

The Marco Island Group at Morgan Stanley
Terrence McCreanor, Coleen Hodsdon, Brad Bersh

Kim & Tim Burke

Premier Sothebys
Cathy Rogers

Marker 8.5 Restaurant
Mike Duncan

Jerry Bonofitto

City of Marco Utilities Dept.
Jon, Brittany Lanzo, Jason, Jeff Poteet

Sunrise Rotary
Roger Hernstadt, Steve Stefanides, Jack Patterson

The Chiefs
Al Schettino, Mike Murphy




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