Monday, October 25, 2021

These shoes are made for walkin’



How does an artist decide to showcase his talent on a pair of shoes? Sean Gerhardstein says it was a day when he was in high school.  He was doodling at his desk when he simply started doing the same on his shoe….soon Sean created his own artistic niche.

Sean can be found at Video Showcase in Town Center Mall. Some of his sample designs can be seen in the store. A customer brings in a plain pair of canvas shoes and works with Sean on the elements they’d like to incorporate into the design. He begins by sketching in his design and then painstakingly adds each color. All



this is by hand of course!  Past custom designs have included cartoon characters, action heroes, animal prints, he’s incorporated company logos and even had a request to do something with a Michael Jackson theme. “I get all sorts of special requests,” says Sean. “It takes time to develop a design so make sure you place your order in ample time if it’s for a gift or a special occasion.”

Sean is also a tattoo artist which utilizes some of the same techniques. If you know someone who’d like to don a unique pair of custom-designed shoes to either stomp around in, or just display on a shelf, give Sean a call at 239/537-2334.

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