Tuesday, November 30, 2021

There’s a Bus on the Beach!

Genetic sequencing on Marco?

Genetic sequencing on Marco?

By Coastal Breeze News Staff

On February 14, Bald Eagle Towing helped to tow the “Ion Bus” onto Marco’s beach. What on earth is the “Ion Bus” and why is it on our beach? The story is all about science.

The bus is owned by Life Technologies. “A biotech company out of California,” explains Denise Mosey of Life Technologies. “We are here with a scientific convention that is going on at the Marriott called AGBT (Advances in Genome Biology and Technology). We do genetic sequencing. We’ve brought our mobile bus with us where we can do full genetic sequencing with the full lab inside the bus. We are also here to support all of the people

Science technology on the beach. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

Science technology on the beach. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

at AGBT.”

The Advances in Genome and Biology and Technology Convention is now in its 13th year and is holding its annual meeting at the Marriott on Marco Island. According to their website, “this annual gathering is fully entrenched within the genomics research community, representing the most complete scientific forum for acquiring information about the latest advances in DNA sequencing, technologies and their myriad applications.”

Seems like some pretty serious stuff. At least they get to learn about it on the beach. Or, as AGBT puts it, “the relaxed atmosphere and outstanding science will provide an exceptional opportunity to meet and interact with scientific leaders from the various disciplines being advanced by large-scale DNA sequencing and genome exploration.”

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