Thursday, October 21, 2021

The Woman’s Club Gives Back

Charitable organizations are important to every aspect of American life. There are charities for wildlife conservation, addiction treatment, cancer and AIDS research, the poor, and of course scholarships. A few charities that come to mind are the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, and Boys and Girls Club. Though these are country wide, there of course have to be charities for local areas. The Woman’s Club is a trail blazer in donations of the slice of paradise known as Marco Island. This club was created by 16 strong willed women in 1966 who got to work helping the community

The club saw an opening to be one of the first true donators to the Island by striving to improve even the little things. There is a plaque at the Veterans Community Park Freedom Fountain that honors those who made the largest sacrifice possible and gave their lives for our freedoms. Likewise, there sits the Patriotic Bench, at Veterans’ Community Park Flag Plaza, donated all the way back to the first year of the club’s birth. A huge pillar of the Island that they helped bring to life is the Library. This is perhaps their proudest accomplishment. The need for a Library, especially during the late 60s was obvious. It started as a volunteer effort and actually housed a spare room of the Fire House. Two moves and about 20 years later, the current building we know and love today was constructed. Who helped make this possible with a constant flow of financial and voluntary support? If you don’t know the answer you haven’t been paying attention.

The largest charitable donation the club makes year in and year out are the scholarships they hand out. These are given to the brightest kids of our, yes all of our, futures. They have to live on Marco Island and have a certain set of attributes. To say these kids are geniuses is an insult to geniuses. They have 5.0 GPAs, hundreds of hours of community service, and are the heads of any and every club you can think of. With college tuition rising faster than gas prices, an average price to get a degree is out of reach for many.

At the Woman’s Club the luncheon was held in the Yacht Club to honor this year’s group of students receiving this incredible honor. The hard working, probably future Cabinet Members are Marshall Daffner, Jayce Dawson, Madison Hopkins, Morgan Jones, Scott Martin, and Josephine Torres. They all gave speeches after lunch showing humility, humor, and intelligence while their parents watched proudly. Marshall Daffner wants to go into the medical field and said, “Always working and learning to be the best that I can has taught me so much. This instilled a sense of duty in me to be as useful as I can in any situation. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s long as there are people in this world, they will find a way to get hurt.” Smart and want to change the world? No one is going to argue with that! His parents were of course as delighted as could be saying, “Were beyond proud of him and we love him to death.”

At the end of each meeting there are of course other things to attend. As they say, “A woman’s work is never done.” They discussed future events and even elected the new officers of the club moving forward. They included Pam Spering, Assistant Treasurer; Debbie Rago, Treasurer; Karen Maxfield, Corresponding Secretary; Sue Ellen Welch, President; Jill Dizio, Recording Secretary; and Lael Kilpatrick, Vice President.

If you are inspired to join this amazing organization, contact them today at 856-906-4319 or message them on their website at They are on a hiatus for the summer but will be back in action just in time for fall.


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