Sunday, November 28, 2021

The Uplifting Texts of Susie Walsh

Letter to the Editor

Marco Island is full of heroes who have helped to make us feel a little bit more secure in these challenging times. We know and appreciate our first responders, the everdependable Fire and Rescue crew who are always available to come to our aid, our local Police Department staff who work to ensure relative peace in a sometimes chaotic world, and medical personnel, among others, who work tirelessly to revive health in the sick. There is also that wonderful group, Our Daily Bread Food Pantry, who works to ensure everyone has sufficient food to survive, and, of course, the volunteers who worked to coordinate COVID testing when it came our way.  

There are others who do things that go pretty much sight unseen but who also make a difference in brightening some of these rainy, dark days. One of these people is Susie Walsh. If you’ve ever had the good fortune to meet Susie and her partner in making good times, Dave, it’s unlikely you’d forget her. Susie has a hat and a costume for just about every holiday that exists, sometimes even multiples. Sea Food Festival coming, how about a lobster on your head, or maybe a crab. Susie has every kind of Christmas accouterment imaginable, and even her own blow-up giant leprechaun for St. Patrick’s Day. I think she told me she has two closets in her home just to store the various hats and costumes.  

Since the start of “social distancing,” Susie has been texting a group of friends’ thoughtful messageseveryday, without fail. Here are a couple of samples. First some of the uplifting the treasures Susie found on the internet, and then, her comments. 

Saturday, June 27 

  • Sunshine is not cancelled 
  • Spring is not cancelled 
  • Relationships are not cancelled 
  • Reading is not cancelled 
  • Naps are not cancelled 
  • Devotion is not cancelled 
  • Dancing is not cancelled 
  • Imagination is not cancelled 
  • Kindness is not cancelled 
  • Conversations are not cancelled 
  • HOPE is not cancelled 

And to this Susie added, “Friendships are not cancelled.” Well, certainly not when this kind of time and care are invested in brightening friends’ days like this.  

Monday, June 29 

  • Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, 
  • holds within it a blessing of some kind. 
  • The goal is to find it. 

And, Susie adds: “Hope your search is successful.” 

Many of the texts bring a smile. 

Wednesday, July 22 

  • I don’t want to make anyone 
  • jealous, 
  • but I can still fit into the earrings 
  • I wore in high school. 

Susie’s comment? “And hats!” 

  • Or, 
  • The reason life works at all, 
  • is because not everyone in 
  • your tribe is nuts on the 
  • same day. 

To which Susie adds: “We take turns.” 

So, yes, to let friends know that you are thinking of them each day is a small thing, but boy does it lighten a day. Thank you to Susie Walsh for taking the time to track down these pithy sayings and then to share them. Thanks for adding your own flavor with your daily comments. Small things, but big impact on the people being uplifted knowing you took the time to care. 

Kathleen Reynolds 


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