Tuesday, October 19, 2021

LTE: The Truth Be Heard Regarding The Keep The Chief Movement

Just recently, the unelected & unappointed leader of the dysfunctional wing of the current city council lectured us in a guest editorial, about the meaning of the”Keep The Chief” movement. Diving way down into the political gutter as the writer of this garbage is accustomed to doing, he attacks a very fine man of faith, character & integrity, our police Chief. He attacks this man who is loved, respected & admired by our Marco Island community & his fine police officers.

He lists various issues & untruths & spins them against our Chief & our Police Department. He has done this numerous times before & at one time at a city council meeting where he was verbally destroyed by members of the public and fellow Councilors. Yet he can’t let it go. And what can’t he let go? It would be his political vendetta fueled by his troubled & false allegation that the Police Chief did not support him in the last election. Now you know the truth & the “other side of the story”. Ugly Marco politics & politicians attempting to rob us of the finest Police Chief any city could have & by sitting by while the “Temporary” city manager carries out this dastardly deed as payback for this Councilors political vendetta.

When I was on the City Council & took part in the interviews of then candidate Dave Harden, I asked Harden how he viewed his role as temporary manager should he be selected. He answered that his role was to bring senior level experience, stability & help Council in the selection of a permanent Manager. He stated he would never take the job permanently. Well look what happened once he got the job. After a few days on the job, and having never visited the police building, he moves to terminate our Chief. Now I ask, if that’s senior level experience, I must be missing something. Are you? No I don’t think so!

Now I will let you be the Judge here, but if you ask me, the whole thing stinks!

But now you know the truth!

Joe Batte

Marco Island 

5 responses to “LTE: The Truth Be Heard Regarding The Keep The Chief Movement”

  1. Pat says:

    It sounds like this man doesn’t know the Chief or is jealous of him. Maybe he should take the time to get to know him before they let him go. The community respects him and feel that he is not getting the respect that he deserves. If you want to do a good job you need the people that can help you do it and have your back. The Chief keeps Marco Island a safe place to live and visit.

    • Joe Batte says:

      Exactly Pat!
      Thanks for your comment!

      • bernie greichen says:

        joe you are so right about larry honig, this man if you can call him that should be taken off the city council.
        I am one of the depolorables with signs in my yard for keep the chief! How dare he , he is a liar and so consumered with his hatred of our most loved police chief that he is having a major melt down. lets us remove him from our city council and the island

        and let us rid ourselves of the so called interm manager who in less than 30 days gets rid of our police chief. he only went to the police dept twice once to demand the letter from the chief and the second one to see the chief.

        • Joe Batte says:

          Great points Bernie.
          Thanks for making them.
          My only correction is that the “Temporary City Manager” has never visited the police building & never spoke to our chief except for the day he called him in & cut his throat!
          Joe Batte

  2. Martin Sykora says:

    What stinks is multiple officers having sex in department vehicles while on duty. What stinks is an officer involved who is mildly reprimanded then promoted. What stinks is an officer no longer trusted by prosecutors yet allowed to make arrests. An unacceptable and total lack of supervision and leadership by the current chief. The question is not should we keep this chief, the question is should we keep this police department.

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