Monday, November 29, 2021

The Traditional Isles of Capri All-Island Yard Sale Knocks It Out of the Park Once Again!

Rumination from the Rock and Beyond

Photos by Jory Westberry | Men were looking for tools, rods, generators, ammo, fishing and sports equipment, clothes, boats…


Golfers Alert! There were two buckets of these at 10 for $1—what a deal!

Okay, it was touch and go whether to host the biggest yard sale in the vicinity, and there were a few less yards with their treasures on display, but the crowds were there early and the usual traffic jams occurred. It was such a gorgeous weather day, buyers and sellers were good-natured and sales were brisk. The walkers, bicycles, golf carts, swamp buggies and cars wove in and out of each other with waves and smiles. 

Each year there are repeat customers and new people to meet and talk with. They come from all over Collier and are part-timers and full-timers out to find bargains on things they need or don’t need and that’s half the fun. Since there are new residents on Isles of Capri, it’s a bonus to have this opportunity to meet our neighbors not met previously because of the Covid-19 precautions. 

For example, there are no monthly meetings because the Community Center shouldn’t hold large crowds in the space available. There are plenty of outside activities, however, including the All Island Boat Parade and Golf Cart Parade during the holidays and this year, a House Decorating Contest for the many creative families on the Isles. 

Along with this article are photos of some of the interesting items that I discovered as I read the signs and slalomed slowly through the streets of sales. There was artwork of all sizes and shapes, antiques, gewgaws/trinkets/china/candlesticks, bicycles, fishing rods by the dozens, and items that took you back in time and provide positive (or negative) reminiscing depending on the item. 

We obtain permits from the Capri Community Association to participate and donate a percentage of our proceeds to fund Association activities, which we do gladly as part of this sale. The traditional “yard sale on steroids” is held on the last Saturday in January, which will be January 29th in 2022 so ‘pen it in” on your calendar so you don’t miss it and we’ll see you there! 



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