Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Team Approach

At his TPI certified fitness professional’s gym.

At his TPI certified fitness professional’s gym.

Todd Elliott

The first three majors of the year in golf were won by Jordan Speith and Zack Johnson. After each victory they thanked many people- golf coaches, caddies, fitness instructors, mind coaches, etc. I follow many of their coaches and trainers on social media. Jordan and Zack team members posted pictures on these social media outlets. They made the rounds to share in the victory, because all the team members had a hand in making the victory possible. Every PGA Tour Professional, that I am aware of, has a team. Many have a TPI team, like Jordan and Zack.

I am TPI, Titleist Performance Institute, Level 2 Certified. This means I attended two separate seminars, learned from some really smart people in the three different fields (golf, fitness and medical), and I passed a test to finish each level. Even though the TPI education is world class, a two day seminar does not make you a great teaching professional. However, there is one aspect that never leaves any of the TPI certified professionals. We will always be part of the TPI network. TPI’s main goal is for TPI professionals to build a team around clients/students, whether they are new to the game or aspiring tour professionals. The only thing we need from the client/student is to have a desire to do whatever it takes to play

Jordan has had the same TPI certified  golf coach since he was 12. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

Jordan has had the same TPI certified golf coach since he was 12. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

better golf.

I am sure many of you have built teams to achieve health, house and/or profession goals. These trained professionals have skills and knowledge that are needed to achieve goals. If golfers have golf goals, the team approach is imperative to reaching those goals. I see golfers trying to better their game with no team around them. Many times they have some success, but in my experience, if there is an increase it is very slow, and inconsistent.

Goals are imperative for a team to help a golfer. These are golf goals made with the golf coach. The golf coach’s main role, other than helping the golfer with their golf game, is to be the communications director for the team. Assuming the team has been created around the player, the overall goal needs to be a long term goal. Smaller goals can be made by the individual members of the team in their respective areas. Examples of smaller goals are: the golf coach could have the golfer make a better turn, the fitness instructor helps the golfer’s body perform the better rotation, the chiropractor and massage therapist help with any aches and pains that limit movement in areas of desired rotation, and the nutritionist develops a plan that helps the body perform for the entire round. All of their work revolves around accomplishing the long term goal.


Jordan at his chiropractor’s office.

Jordan at his chiropractor’s office.

of the students I work with have these professionals in place already. It is a matter of setting goals, and getting all the professionals on board through communication. I prefer to make the team myself with TPI professionals, because they understand and have bought into the team approach. They understand that the golf coach is the king of the team, and the golf goals are the most important aspect of their plan.

Seek out professionals who have a desire to be educated in their field, who believe in a team approach, a team that communicates, and have the golfer’s best interest at heart. The team does not have to be TPI certified, but if you have a TPI team there will be no doubt they understand the most important part of being a team…communication.

If you truly have a desire to improve your golf game, go see a TPI professional. They will build a team around you to fulfill your golf goals.


Todd Elliott is the PGA Head Golf Professional for Hideaway Beach. Todd is TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Certified as a golf professional. This gives him the ability to give golf specific physical screening to detect any physical limitation that might affect the golf swing. Todd is also a Coutour-certified putting fitter, a Titlteist-certified fitter and a Titleist staff member. Follow Todd on Twitter @elliottgolfpro or for any question or comments email telliott@hideawaybeachclub.org.



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