Thursday, December 9, 2021

The Stolen Crown

By Coastal Breeze News Staff

The Bright Star Buddies, made up of Mrs. Albero’s second grade class at Tommie Barfield Elementary, put on a play entitled, “The Stolen Crown”. It was an opportunity for them to bring literacy to life through an engaging literary experience.

The students, after reading a variety of fairy tales in class, wrote their own fairy tales. The class voted on which story would be used as the basis of their play. The story chosen was written by student, Carter Sickels, who modeled the play after a Russian fairy tale, “The Stolen Turnips.”

The enchanting tale starts in the “Kingdom of Carter” with a very content King and Queen. The play takes a twist when a thief steals the king’s crown, leaving him very sad. After searching and searching, a clever subject suggests using a bit of modern day surveillance equipment, and aided by some keen eyed vultures, the thief is captured. The crown is recovered and the king and queen and all the subjects in the land are happy again. The moral of the story, “Do not take what is not yours!”

Carter Sickels did a wonderful job creating the storyline. The cast and characters had a hand in creating their lines and perfecting their roles and even chose to sing some parts. The scenery, outlined by a parent, was completed by The Buddies. Even the costumes were imaginative and fitting. Parents and school volunteers assisted performers in making their costumes and memorizing their lines.

Following a few rehearsals for family and friends, the Bright Star Buddies will be bused to Tuscany Villas and Lely Palms to perform “The Stolen Crown.” They will spend time interacting with the senior residents following the play.

The King was played by Carter Sickels. The announcer was Reese, the narrator was Ellie and the Queen was played by Jillian. The thief was Nicholas S. Guards were played by Benny, Jason and Nicholas V. Sofia, Luke and Arianna played peasants. Gigi played a prisoner and the cooks were played by Nikki and Sammy. Isabella was the librarian. Those clever vultures were played by Loren, Mia and Karla. Congratulations to Mrs. Albero for a fine performance by the Bright Star Buddies.

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