Sunday, October 24, 2021

The Sons of Italy at Subway

The crew at Subway join in the serenade. Submitted photos

The crew at Subway join in the serenade. Submitted photos

Ever go into Subway to get your $5 footlong sub and find you’re magically transported to a bistro in Italy? Well, it doesn’t really happen quite like that, but having the Sons of Italy serenade you while waiting for your sub certainly makes you feel special! In fact, it’s exactly what Nancy Santucci was trying to achieve when the Sons of Italy pulled out their instruments and began playing. “We have great customers, and we just wanted to say thank you to them for being so great! They’re wonderful musicians and hopefully the customers enjoyed their short time here”

The Sons of Italy, Figlio d’ Italia, consist of Joe Marino and Louie Salvatore. “We’ve played together for 16 years,” says Joe. In fact, they move and play together seamlessly whether they are sitting, standing or strolling. “We are 100% acoustic. There is nothing electric,” says Louie who plays the violin, Mediterranean mandolin and guitar expertly. They switch instruments without missing a beat. “Although we can play a variety of songs, the focal point for the Sons of Italy is



the traditional folk music of Italy and Sicily.” Their two part harmonies are heavenly and quite romantic in the right atmosphere.

One recent Saturday, attorney Neil Snyder stopped by with his wife, Rebecca Hodge. The Sons of Italy serenaded Rebecca with a few songs, but once it was discovered the day was her birthday, out came the Subway crew from behind the counter and everyone sang along to some obligatory verses of Happy Birthday to You! The impromptu singing couldn’t have been performed any better if it had been planned!

The Sons of Italy play Southwest Florida venues. They are available for private parties and play at area restaurants like Eurasia and Erin’s Isle. Joe was trained professionally as an entertainer and plays piano, guitar, organ, bass and drums. Joe and Louie play together in other bands, the DeVille’s and the American Folk Trio. So whatever your musical tastes may be, they can play to your heart’s desire. For more information and a performance schedule see elvisen or call 239-793-1353. Book early!

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