Saturday, November 27, 2021

The Season for Reason

Coastal Comments

There is no better way to greet the Season than Caroler’s singing their sweet message to the audience, and this year there were caroler’s singing from a Trolley, moving from one community to another! I happened to catch them at the entrance to Winding Cypress, thanks to Marian Harris’s suggestion. This was the choir’s third stop, and they sounded wonderful! It was so good to see this because it seems all we hear about is COVID, and at this time of year we need to get back to some normalcy! There were quite a few of us gathered around the entrance, safely with lots of openair, listening to the beautiful sounds of the choir. I don’t know if there was just one church or more than one singing togetherbut I know “Mr. Lucky,” the president of the Marco Island Kiwanis Club, was right there in the thick of the lovely musicand their music sounded wonderful! There were many of us gathered at the entrance to Winding Cypress to enjoy the Christmas music. It felt good to enjoy the music and NOT think about COVID! It seems that subject dominates every part of our day, and it felt like we were escaping that subject safely for a change! 

*Another treat I happened to enjoy was shopping at my favorite gift shop: Marco Island Florist! Gosh, they have so many things in all price ranges, and you can find little gifts or much more! I shop there every year just because there are so many options to select from, and their staff helps you, makes suggestions, points out things you might have missed, yet they are not in your face. It’s hard to find giftshops anymore. People just stay home and never enjoy all there is out there to see, or ideas that you can’t find in a catalog! They have food items like cheeses, very excellent candy, fresh flowers and plants, cute little small gifts to give as hostess gifts, or big stuff that is fun to enjoy and invoke more ideas! Even furniture; and that’s also what the staff does! They can make suggestions that you didn’t even see, help you find the perfect gift for the hostess with the mostess, and offer other suggestions that you just cannot find in a catalog.  

I was going to a dinner and wanted to take along a hostess gift, then I was also invited to enjoy dinner with friends at a restaurant and I wanted them to know I cared, so another suggestion helped me! And these are unique ideas, not something in a catalog that everyone is buying. I foundwell, they helped me findmany nice things to present to people, and I loved it. These staff members have been there a long time and you can tell they really love to help the customers! It’s a great little business, and it’s been there for over 25 years! Across the street, you can see the beginnings of the new Publix beginning to come out of the ground. Ladies in the gift shopwe were all becoming friends while we shoppedwere saying the Publix will have a second floor. I wonder if they will have one of those escalators that carry your cart up with you! 

*Eurasia is steaming right along like a railroad! I don’t know where you can get a better Filet Mignon called “Filet Eurasia” smothered in onions and mushrooms! Their steaks are so very good! And I like to get a loaded baked potato to go along with it. My Girlfriend Shirlee and I both are crazy about the Filet, and although she doesn’t eat desserts, I don’t know of a place in Collier County that makes a better Tiramisu than Eurasia. I’m so positive about that, that if you try it and do NOT think it’s the best, I’ll pay for it! I don’t think I’ve ever said anything like that before, and I haven’t checked with the owners to make sure it’s okay when I might not be in the restaurant, but you’ll absolutely love it!  

*Then we have the special that everyone loves at the Old Marco Pub in Old Marco. Their everpopular two Lobster Tails special is back again for another year. They feature them on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and they are UNDER $30! We try to get there at least once every other week. 

*I’m not sure why I’m talking about food so much, but maybe because there is very little going on in the development community, but lots going on in real estate sales. So, having said that, a few friends and I traveled down to Bayshore Drive… what a transformation they have had!!! From what it was, to a lovely area where people are walking along the sidewalks at nightenjoying the music, and stopping for food at Celebration Park with their families, and so much more. We can remember when it was dangerous to walk in that area, and now it’s brightly lighted with Christmas trees and lights, and lovely landscaping and great food trucks, and families… lots of people and families enjoying the peacefulness and sights. New houses are going up too, and in price as well… and who would’ve expected that?! It’s a really fun place now, with young people, people who walk in the eveningwe could never have done that before—wellbehaved children, older folks enjoying the music, etc., and it closes at 10 PM. They have boat ridesshuttles, and more are coming on board as we speak. I believe a new Wine Bar will be making an entrance soon, plus the homemade beer garden that seems to really attract young people who feel like a beer. There were those who wanted to jam more and more affordable housing into an already oversaturated low-income area, but thankfully, the Collier County Planning Commission saw the futility in that and instead approved housing that was truly needed for our young professionals! I hope you get to ride around that area, especially at night, because it looks so beautiful! 

*And, oh yes! Every year, I say the same thing, and people tell me “You always say that,” but apparently new people to our area have never heard it, so here comes the first time to mention it. Lots of people are moving to this area, but are not familiar with our traffic lights and markings, so I’ll say it now for the first time. When you come to a red light… PLEASE pull up to the white line! Don’t wait for a car length behind because you won’t trigger the light to change! And everyone behind you has to wait because you didn’t pull up to the white line. Another thing: Don’t pull in FRONT of the white line, because again, the weight of your car can’t trigger the light if your car is beyond the trigger point. I thought all states had the same kind of traffic light systems, but apparently not. Recently, as the guy in front of me didn’t pull up far enough, and then was slamming his steering wheel in frustration. I got out of my car and walked up to his car, explained that he needed to pull up to trigger that lightwhich didn’t make him happy to be suggested by a womanand as soon as he pulled up, the light changed and we ALL were able to move forward. 

I hope you have wonderful plans for the coming season! Stay safe, be careful, and enjoy the season as much as you can! 



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