Saturday, November 27, 2021

The Road to Improvement

Coastal Comments


Between the Full Moon, the gorgeous weather—but I understand that’s about to change—and so many people in town having such a good time, I just cannot concentrate! 

*Just a week or so ago, I visited the Goodland Civic Association, which is a fun night no matter what the agenda is, and they did not disappoint once again. I wish all of you could drop in to see for yourselves! The group is mighty that’s for sure, but all with positive vibes and encouragement for their fellow Islanders. The room was almost completely full, and everyone tried to stay apart as much as they could, yet it was such a happy atmosphere that people wanted to hug and sweetly bump each other for encouragement. Their President, Greg Bellows, set the atmosphere and everyone followed suit! It’s such a pleasant atmosphere that I want to go just to feel good! They found so many things they could do to uplift the community and work in harmony, and encouraged one another as each new idea was presented! Jay Ahmed from County Transportation was there to enjoy it as well. They presented awards, and bestowed honors. I sat with Joanie & Dave Fuller—what nice people! They are so artistically talented, and such world travelers! Also, there were Jim & Donna Inglis, what a gem of a couple! Such sweet, giving people! 

Well, I must say the whole room was filled with gems; I only mentioned a few. They discussed the turnover of Goodland Road to the county and how they have advanced and stated that the long-overdue road upgrades were about to take place—they might have already started by the time you read this paper! It’s a major upgrade, and very, very expensive because we must improve the roadbed. We must elevate the road about 12 to 14 inches while keeping part of the two-lane road open to traffic, sidewalk on one side, widening the road a little, not disturb the Mangroves—The Conservancy will be watching over our shoulder too! This is the only way in and out for the Goodlanders. ONLY ONE ROAD IN and ONE ROAD OUT. Plus, they are raising the road about 12 inches along the way! I would say it’s an engineer’s challenge, that’s for sure. But in the end, it will be a much safer road to the community for all to enjoy. They get so flooded during the rainy season that some cannot get home from work or get OUT to work! The Firetrucks have had to come to the rescue many times over. At the County, we ALL wanted to get that road fixed! But the permitting, the challenges with all the agencies, the challenges with the surrounding community, were all part of the process, but COLLIER COUNTY, YOU DID IT!!! Great work everyone! This was TRULY TEAMWORK AT IT’S FINEST, and everyone can take a bow.

*Speaking of roads, one little road that looked rather shoddy was Hawaii Blvd at Kent Road intersection. Queens Park is so lovely, but that road just didn’t meet their standard. It appeared that the neighborhood got together and cleaned out the rubble in the median, replanted flowers, night lights, some small trees, and it made all the difference in the world! It looks 200% better! Every time I drive by, I wish I knew someone to tell them how good they look now! I hope someone sees this column and knows others have seen the progress and cleanup and appreciates their effort! GREAT GOING Queen’s Park! Nice improvement!

*You might have been hearing about the new road that developers want to carve between Tampa and Naples. They give some cute little phrases about how good it would be for the environment, because they know people are concerned about the environment, but I asked right out at a meeting, “How do the Farmer’s feel about losing their land and the grazing pastures for a road to plow right through the center of that area?” They said you know how they feel! I think most citizens of Florida think that way, but developers and real estate people think about the money, not the result on the communities! And they have the money to back it up! I just had to have my say. I honestly think I’m not alone with my feelings.

*Happy Easter everyone! IF you are getting ready to go back up north, I hope you enjoyed our weather and our fine eating establishments! It certainly has been an interesting year, hasn’t it? But for the most part, we’ve been pretty healthy and happy.



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