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The Primary Care Physician and YOU

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To Your Health
Scott Lowe 

It’s often been said that there is no “I” in team. That may be true, but when it comes to those who make up your health care team, the INDIVIDUAL reigns. The people who cater to your health care needs must do so with a teamwork mentality—yet maintain a solitary focus on Number One: Y-O-U.

Many individuals falsely believe they only need a doctor when they are sick; however, having a primary care physician may be the very reason you remain healthy.

Not only does he or she provide you with necessary preventative care—in staying true to today’s sports team analogies—they coach you on healthy living and remain at the apex of every aspect of your care.

Physicians Regional Healthcare System’s Dr. Holly Dagney, a board-certified family medicine physician, agrees. “A primary care physician is like a wellness coach. My goal is to protect the health of my patients through regular checkups, and making sure they get the screenings they need to identify any concerns as early as possible.”

Your primary care physician should also be your care coordinator/central point of contact. “A primary care physician will insure that your care and health information is coordinated between your other physicians and specialists,” explains Dr. Dagney.

“We can make sure that you are not having any duplication of care, and also communicate important health information to your care team.”

Though I spend my days surrounded by extraordinary medical professionals, I always find it interesting why my colleagues choose a career in the medical field.

For Dr. Dagney: “I chose family medicine because I enjoy the variety of challenges that come with being a primary care physician. My patients tell me that I’m a good listener, and that I take time with them.”

And who doesn’t want a physician who knows how to listen as well as how to talk?

There are many reasons each of us should have a primary care physician


1. Continuity of care/holistic care

A primary care physician can treat the whole person, which takes into account your history, family history, and any existing conditions you may have.

2. Valuable and trusted resource

Whenever you have a health question or concern, your primary care physician should be your first call. Though he or she may need to refer you to other specialists—or help you find other resources—they should serve as your care coordinator. Regardless of the circumstances, your primary care physician is the best person to initiate your care.

3. Routine screenings

Whether it is taking your blood pressure, ordering regular, routine lab tests, or making sure you are getting regular mammograms, colonoscopies, or other important screenings, your primary care physician should be recommending all your necessary routine screenings.? And please, make sure that you follow up when your doctor orders tests and screenings. This will enable your primary care physician to catch any serious health issues early, when they are most treatable.

And another reason? Many people who do not have a primary care physician end up using the emergency room when they get sick.

“Your primary care physician can offer options that can help prevent your potentially unnecessary trips to the ER,” says Dr. Dagney. “We allow for same-day and walk-in appointments for our patients, which means they can be seen quickly in our office. This often eliminates the need for an unnecessary, and more costly ER visit.”

Plus, those living on—or adjacent to—Marco Island enjoy the benefit of Physicians Regional-Marco Island, located at the corner of Barfield and San Marco. This state-of-the-art facility is one-part “Walk-In Clinic” and one-part “Doctor’s Office,” with primary care included as part of the mix.

Let me also take this time to welcome Dr. Dagney, not just to Physicians Regional, but to our beautiful community.

I welcome her, her family and yes, her outstanding practice philosophy: “To do my best to assist patients in staying healthy, as well as optimizing treatment of acute and chronic conditions to allow my patients to maintain their lifestyle.

If you’re still wondering if Dr. Dagney is right for you, consider this: “I enjoy seeing a wide range of patients—from infants to elderly, and everything in between.” It seems that, for some, variety is the spice of life—and medicine.

Dr. Dagney’s office is located at 8340 Collier Blvd., Suite 200, directly behind Physicians Regional Medical Center – Collier Boulevard. For more information, or to schedule an appointment with her, please call 239-348-4221. 

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