Saturday, January 22, 2022

The news is out about Track K

We have tried to protect Track K from the money grubber developers in the past but you and I know, they have money to burn so the city will be the looser in the long run if this land doesn’t go to Conservation Collier.

We know Conservation Collier would use it as a preserve and this is the only open place on this island for the migratory wildlife to come to in the winter. We’ve already lost the burrowing owls on Kendal and soon they will not nest here at all but of course our developers would be happy about this.

This past winter there were ibis,egits and a number of migrating birds using Track K and where will they go now. Like everything, people don’t realize what they have lost until it is gone. I think the CCSB is out of their minds for wanting money for land that was donated for educational purposes. The city would be the beneficiaries if Conservation Collier were to get it. We pay nothing for an area that is preserved in perpetuity for future generations here on Marco to enjoy. It may not be a school but it could be considered educational in teaching our children that we cared enough to preserve some land for the study of habitat and what an eco system is like on Marco. I would like the city to not purchase this land but to work with Conservation Collier to create something this Island can be proud of. Where else in Florida can eagles come to nest where people can watch their daily progress? This is an attraction that should be preserved….. tourist will come just to see the eagles. We pay nothing and look at what we get in return. Our parks are very nice for people but they are not a natural place for our migratory wildlife. Please consider what we lose if Conservation Collier doesn’t get this land.

Frances Enman

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