Sunday, December 5, 2021

The Marco Memory Project

The Marco Island Historical Society (MIHS) needs your help with the Marco Memory Project.

There are currently thousands of photographs in the MIHS collections with limited context, unidentified people, places, or events. Help the MIHS identify the people, places, dates, and happenings pictured and be recognized in the next issue of Coastal Breeze News.

To see more photos, this project can be viewed on the Marco Island Historical Society’s Facebook page. Thank you for interest in saving Marco Island history!

Send your submissions to

One response to “The Marco Memory Project”

  1. Oscar Espejo says:

    Marco island airways pilots picture.

    The man in the center behind table is Howard Hughes, to his right is Joe Skidmore
    And in front of the table on the right is Ken Bogart. I knew these men. If you have any more aviation related photos I would love to see them.

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