Tuesday, December 7, 2021

The Marco Island Writing Project

Lynn Holley, Executive Director for the Center for the Arts is in the process of getting her feet wet in her new role. Rather than treading lightly, easing in one toe at a time, Lynn has organized a new project for the Center and for local residents that signifies her ability to take the whole plunge with new fresh ideas! The Marco Island Writing Project has been announced, presenting aspiring fiction writers a challenge to collaborate with each other on a novel, each contributing their own piece of the storyline. The end result, a published mystery novel involving art centered primarily on Marco Island.

The novel will be based on the writing of up to 10 individuals, chosen by Lynn, who will consult with writers who have successfully participated in this type of project previously. A juried art exhibit will be held in conjunction with the project and will be judged by a national book cover designer from New York. The winner will have their design on the cover of the book.

The writing will take place privately by each writer, however all contributors will meet every two weeks to discuss how the characters and action should advance. These sessions will be filmed for a possible documentary. A professional editor and proof reader may be retained as well as a researcher who will determine the facts and authenticity of ideas.

“Not all writers can do this sort of work,” Lynn explained, “writers for this project will not be chosen just on their writing ability. They must display a balanced ego that will allow them to work within a creative group for the benefit of moving the story-line along to a suitable conclusion.”

To participate, writers will be required to submit three pages of written material, or published work to be reviewed for level and style of writing. There will be an application fee which is yet to be determined. A final interview process will determine the final number of writers and possible alternates. Writers will be required to sign a non-disclosure confidentiality agreement. All rights and proceeds will be belong the Marco Island Center for the Arts.

Contact Lynn Holley at the Center, 239/394-4221 for more information on participating. Sponsors are being sought to help fund the project.

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