Monday, November 29, 2021

The Marco Island Historical Society is hosting the “Frond Zoo Day at the Museum”

Saturday, February 18, from 11-3:00 pm.

It involves Tommie Barfield students and lots of fun activities. We will have a DJ, food, face painting, Shy Wolf, Kowiachobee (animals), Rookery Bay, and Marco Sportfishing Club educational programs…..

Frond Zoo Day at the Museum is the culmination of an educational outreach program that our museum has created with Tommie Barfield Elementary School–all about recycling, animals, and nature. Naples artist, Heidi Saletko who does the Frond Zoo art that we sell in the Gift Shop just spent last week teaching 90- 5th grade students the art of making turtles, panthers, etc. from palm fronds. A BIG thank you to Heidi! The students’ creations will be on display “On the Mound” and will be recognized with award ribbons. The Gift Shop will be open and featuring newly created FrondZoo/museum merchandise to celebrate this collaboration.

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