Saturday, November 27, 2021

The Lunchroom

The YMCA Theatre Camp

Photo by Stephanie Pepper | (Left to Right) Cameron Cashin, Caleb Shemel, Fletcher “Moose” Hubey, Cristina Cedrone, Zane McCarty-Fisher, and Ryan Sullivan.

“The Greater Marco Island YMCA” presented the production of “The Lunchroom” for this season’s summer camp program. The play was directed by Gina Sisbarro, Owner of Sisbarro Acting Studio, and Assisted Director by Ryan Sullivan, Creative Director of Sisbarro Acting Studio. 

The production hosted a cast of fifteen actors ranging from ages 613 years of age. The Lunchroom showcases a typical day in a high school lunchroom cafeteria. All cliques were represented in hilarious form all with different issues to tackle. The Nerds took lessons on how to ask out a girl from one of the jocks. The Preps had to infiltrate another clique to find out “who likes who.” The Jocks had to settle who is the fastest through an eating contest. The Youtubers needed to come up with a video that goes viral. The Barbies well, let’s just say ran amuck with turning into their favorite Barbies. Last was The Lost who weren’t really lost. They broke away from their cliques to put their talents to a better purpose for themselves and their high school community. 

The play was received with much enthusiasm from family and friends from the humor to the important message at the end. 

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