Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The Love of the Automobile

Rudy Socey, owner of the 1930 Model A Deluxe Fordo

Over the years the discussion of what can be considered a piece of art have raged all over the planet, and the debate has continued to spread over the last several decades as to what is actually “art.” From the many styles of art over the ages, to the “Pop Art” displays of Andy Warhol, we’ve marveled at the wonderful creations of artists throughout time.

The same logic could apply to cars and the engineered lines of the automobile’s body and its varying styles. Those that share those feelings and the love of cars showed up late in March to enjoy their passion for the automobile and the joys they give to their owners, no matter the age of the owner or the vehicle.

The public came together on a warm Saturday afternoon as the Marco Island Center for the Arts hosted an event sponsored by Claire and Jack Kerry, along with Keith Pershing of Island Automotive. They came together for the 6th Annual Cars as Art Event held at the campus of the Marco Island Center of the Arts on Winterberry Drive.

From shiny red MGs to the sleek lines of a Jaguar XKE owned by islander Bill Young, the parking lot of Winterberry was full of the history of America’s love affair with the automobile.

Men were not the only lovers of the wonderful collection of vehicles on display. Wanda Coady was extremely proud to show off her 1906 Cadillac Model K. Her husband Thomas sat in the shade and enjoyed watching his wife relish in the attention her car was receiving as she answered question after question regarding her very special vehicle.

Myrt Rose’s little runabout Fiat, a favorite at many of the local car shows, was also on display and drew quite a bit of attention, as well as many of the other vehicles on display.

Rudy Socey’s father purchased his 1930 Ford Model A in 1954 and it sat in their family garage until 1961. It was then that his dad gifted the car to Rudy when he turned 17. That would be the first time he would actually drive the vehicle. Prior to that he would sneak out into the garage which housed the car and would pretend he was driving it.

The vehicle restoration was a labor of love that took many years, until it was completed in 2016. It gives Rudy great pride to show off his collector’s item to the general public. When it was new the car sold for $650 and it could reach speeds up to 60 mph. Only 12,854 of this model automobile were produced.

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