Sunday, October 24, 2021

The Isles of Capri Plans the Annual All-Island Yard Sale & Installs New Board Members: That’s No Fish Tale!

Just a small portion of the wide variety of flies used for shallow water fishing.

If you haven’t attended the Capri All-Island Yard Sale, you’re missing an opportunity to find treasures at bargain prices. This year, the sale is on Saturday, January 25th, and you are strongly encouraged to get there early because the roads can become congested. Bikes, golf carts, and/or pull carts for all your purchases are a great way to maneuver up and down the streets. 

There are sales on every street with more residents registering each day. As this goes to press, there are over 40 signed up. You can almost see the stuff being hauled out of closets, priced and then lowering the prices. Why? Because you know we have to get rid of some of our stuff so we can go around the Isles and find more stuff to bring home! Some of you can relate to this more than you want to admit, but that’s half the fun, right? 

Never out of ideas at the Isles of Capri Community Association meeting, Tuesday’s monthly meeting on January 14th was full of information, laughs, an election of Board Members and some “fishy” information from local fishing guide Drew Naekel. 

The meeting was called to order by fun-loving President, Joyce Beatty and last month’s Minutes and the Treasurer’s Report were shared. Matt Crowder updated the large group of attendees on the possibility of a partnership with Collier County to provide a distribution center posthurricane(s). This would mean that ice and other necessities would be delivered to the Community Center so that area residents with damages would have a central location to pick up what they need until electricity is restored. As Matt meets further with Dan Summers, he will update information to members at the February meeting. 

Matt and Joyce shared information about the funds collected on the Isles ($3,334) and how a non-profit organization called the Miami Billfish Tournament will use the money to purchase and transport containers of food/clothes etc. to the Bahamas. 100% of the money collected will go into relief, which is unusual and a major reason this organization was selected. 

Photos by Jory Westberry | Officers and Board members of the Isles of Capri.

Following this update, the present Board Members were joined in the front of the room by new prospective Board Members. The present Board and new members were introduced to the audience and after a motion to accept the new members, there was wild applause for the work of the present Board and the new blood coming on. There were kudos to Joyce and her officers for all the outstanding activities they’ve planned over 2019 and they assure us, there will be more to come, including an ice-cream social February 16th, which will be free to members. 

Captain Drew Naeckel, Owner/Guide of Mangrove Maniacs/Guided Aquatic Adventures which feature Backcountry Fishing Eco Adventures, was the guest speaker accompanied by fly-tying equipment, fishing rods, reels and a plethora of information about the skinny backwater excursions he guides into the remote mangroves to catch fish. He has been a guide full time for 11 years with lots of part-time years before that. 

Because the fly lures he uses are very expensive, he’s learned to tie his own, which he demonstrated while explaining the trips he guides through the mangrove tunnels into places that regular boaters or fishermen/fisherwomen don’t go. Why? It takes more than normal physical endurance, knowledge of fish and fishing, experience paddling in the backwaters, knowing how to keep your balance on a fragile platform, and a willingness to departor returnat odd times of the day based on the tides.  

Captain Drew uses a skiff with a long pole to get into the shallow water he wants to be able to catch Reds and Snook. With thishe only draws 10 – 12 of water. The mangrove tunnels that he travels through are not for sissies. There are spiders, snakes, gators, birds that fall on you and gators, to name a few of the interesting critters that could be encountered on the fishing trip. 

When Captain Drew discusses the past renditions of fly tying compared to today, he notes that there are more synthetic materials that are used now. They are less expensive and, in reality, the fish don’t differentiate between real feathers and fake feathers, so why not use the synthetic materials and save on cash, especially if you could lose your newly created fly and the time it took to create it in one cast! 

The good news for fishermen/ fisherwomen is that you will rarely catch a catfish on a fly! Now that’s incentive to use a fly instead of a lure. There were all kinds of questionsthat went over my headabout sinking lines, tippets, floating lines, the weight of lines and how to adjust the weight of the line for the depth of water. Greek? I know the feeling, so contact Captain Drew at 239-777-5707. 

Ann Hall promoted next month’s speaker, Mark Strain, who is county renowned as the person who knows the most about the planned developments, roads, expansions, overpasses and communities planned for Collier County. He will be the featured guest speaker at the Isles of Capri Community General Meeting on February 11th at 7:00 PM. All residents are encouraged to attend for his informative presentation. 

The meeting adjourned as the audience swarmed Captain Drew with questions. He’s probably still answering them as I write. 

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