Sunday, October 24, 2021

The Isles of Capri = Fun? No, “<***!FUN!***>”

Rumination From the Rock

Between the Isles of Capri All-Island Picnic on March 8th and the latest “Pub Crawl” on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th, fun and laughter bubbled up and down the streets, mostly from the island’s golf carts.

Residents and guests began arriving before noon with their colorful shade-equipped canvas chairs and coolers, and selected beverages, to cool off the hottest spectators. They staked out their spots for the sound of the music, angle of the sun and the aroma of smoking pork for delicious sandwiches, not to mention homemade desserts created and donated by Isles of Capri residents.

Familiar tunes and vocals started off the party, er, picnic, while residents connected with friends and made new ones.

Electric Lipstick, who entertained the growing crowd with some lively tunes. It must have been a challenge to focus with a steady parade of customers heading to Dave’s Bangin’ BBQ, where the aromas wafted over the crowd and made your mouth water. Sean Richardson served up the piles of savory pork, coleslaw and beans with a smile. Owner Dave Rogers was near the BBQ cooker, checking his creations to be sure they are tender and savory. Dave gave me a few tips about cooking BBQ, but I’m going to try them myself before sharing them with the world.

Craft venders were encouraged to set up their booths and donate 10% of sales to Isles of Capri, Inc. Jewelry designer, Cyndi Bixler, of Beach Girl Jewelry presented a wide variety of beach glass earrings, necklaces and many other original metal and necklace designs, which were appreciated by many, especially the ones she modeled. The challenge was to narrow choices to just a few!

The local children/teens out of school played ball in the field, ran around and enjoyed having Spring Break, especially while their parents were occupied with friends and having a good time. Did I mention ***FUN***?

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