Saturday, November 27, 2021

The Holidays Are Here, Already?




Richard Alan
It’s nuts. Last August I was searching for pool supplies at Walter Marte’s (Walmart) only to find Christmas decorations where pool stuff used to be, in August?! I used to be perturbed when stores start putting that stuff out before Halloween, now the summer is common practice.

Funny thing though, years ago (more like decades ago) my busy trade shop would be humming in fifth gear getting stock put together not just for Boston area jewelry stores, but my own establishment as well, for the oncoming holiday demands.

I would like at this time to put out a heads up to those of you in the market for unique made-to-order diamond jewelry. If you want to avoid disappointment, now would be the time to get that project in motion and not wait until the last week of December when it is impossible for me to even consider, much less complete. I’ve had guys ask for name tag personal jewelry or mother’s rings on Christmas Eve! No one on this planet is going to have that ring in stock with their children’s exact birthstones an hour before the store closes. Really bad planning, dude!

Even that something special you saw in a window or showcase in November will most likely be sold or out of stock by early December, and will be un-orderable in time a week or two later. It’s a fact even large jewelry manufacturers don’t stock the inventory they used to. I rarely carry more than one of the same thing. My handcrafted pieces are one-of-a-kind, that’s what makes my shop unique. Most mall stores sell the same tired styles over and over. The $399 horrendous quality promotional diamond tennis bracelet specials come to mind.

Now is also the time for getting your jewelry cleaned and sparkling for the upcoming holiday galas and socials. The same goes for broken jewelry and non-fitting rings and chains, etc. Git er done! December, and especially late in the month, is not the time for that, as many stores are crazy busy with holiday orders (including yours truly) and simply do not have the time for “Hurry, I need it now!” repair work.

b10-cbn-11-11-16-2aSpeaking for myself, November is when all the choice pieces of jewelry my wife and I picked out during my domestic and European buying



trips will arrive in the shop. Most of the cool and important stuff, along with my shock and awe pieces sell quickly. I remind the tire kickers that the piece of jewelry that you fell in love with in my window today is the same piece someone else saw yesterday and showed up today and bought. The best way to make it yours is…Lay it away before someone else does!

Latest trends for the holiday season here on the island are once again diamond palm trees and indigenous sea life pieces. Sea turtle pieces are going to be hot this year in gold, silver or both metals combined. I’m hoping the strong demand for important diamond pieces that include solitaire or halo style rings and earrings, along with anniversary rings, continues even beyond the holidays.

On a less expensive note, my extensive new line of fancy La Fonn jewelry are perfect for those fancy holiday parties. All the rings and earrings have the “Wow” effect, and have to be seen to-be-believed. And the best thing is that prices start at around $100.

Ladies, if you are considering heavy gold jewelry for your man, it is still considerably expensive; expect to pay the big bucks for solid gold chains or bracelets. The price of gold is currently in the $1,300 range, and depending on who is going to occupy the White House (As I write this the election is days away), the fate of precious metals could skyrocket or fall like a gold balloon. Oh, great, just in time for the holidays!

And for the gentlemen out there, without me sounding biased, jewelry has always been the best choice for holiday gift giving for that special lady or ladies. And especially when they have made a point to tell you NOT to buy them an expensive piece of jewelry, that’s a dead giveaway they are actually hopeful of receiving something nice. New fancy phones and electronics are now obsolete in months, if not weeks; fine jewelry lasts for generations and rekindles wonderful memories every time your lady wears it.

There is a difference between living and living well. Stop just existing and start living well.

Richard Alan is a designer/goldsmith and owner of The Harbor Goldsmith at Island Plaza and welcomes your questions about all that glitters. Contact him at 239-394-9275 or, or visit his informative website at

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