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The Goodland Civic Association’s 9th Annual Holiday Bazaar: A Must!

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Mermaid with local shell “jingle-bell” tail by Judy Wittwer.

With great pleasure, the townspeople of Goodland invite you to the 9th Annual Holiday Bazaar on Saturday, November 17th, from 10 AM to 4 PM at the Margood Harbor Park, 321 Pear Tree Avenue. Up to twenty vendors showcasing sculptures, jewelry, photographic art, paintings, baby items, cards, trivets and dolls will adorn the meandering walkways of Margood Park, creating a festive atmosphere kick-starting the 2018 holiday season.

Lori Kaplan’s driftwood furniture and home decor booth is new to the Bazaar. Lori is a Goodlander by way of Oklahoma (just ask her about her Sooners!) and is married to Steven (Carter Docks). Her sandblasted driftwood furniture harvested locally rivals thousand dollar pieces found in the upscale Naples shops. In the market for wall decor? She has amazing mirrors, door stops, sconces and planters for sale too. When asked about her interest in driftwood home decor, Lori explained, “Where else but in your home do you want light fixtures and furniture that no one else has? We desired to make driftwood furnishings for our home, so Steven constructed our desk and light fixture. Our idea of making driftwood furnishings evolved from there.” Finding driftwood is not an easy job. “It’s too heavy for the average person to lift, much less carve. Driftwood is like cement. Luckily, I have a husband that is not only strong but creative!” Place your order for one-of-a-kind pieces — you won’t be sorry! Prices range from $25 to $800.

Longtime Goodland resident Judy Wittwer has participated in what it was once known as the Goodland Christmas Bazaar since the early nineties. “Betty Bruno organized the Christmas Bazaar in the parking lot across from Stan’s. It was low key, no tents and such, but people would come from all over to shop.” Judy’s fabulous shell art can be seen at the Marco Center for the Arts, Rookery Bay, Fia’s Island Woman Boutique and various art shows during season. She created a unique blue crab-haired mermaid bust displayed at the Crabby Lady, a local Goodland eatery. Check out her booth featuring tequila bottle luminaries, colorful stone crab claws magnets and ornaments, holiday wreaths, ceramic head planters, and high-end plaster mermaids embellished with shell crowns.

One of the staples at the Holiday Bazaar is world-renowned photographer Jim Freeman. Jim specializes in photographing the Ten Thousand Islands, many places only accessible by boat. His artworks are featured in airports, corporate offices and homes of art collectors nationwide. Look him up at

Rob Brehm, of Billy J & the Big Easy, is the Bazaar’s entertainment “Go-To Guy.” “We have several ‘local’ entertainers this year including Jim Allen, Merrill Allen, Ben Olsen, JRobert Houghtaling and Billy J & the Big Easy, but we welcome a couple of new acts with Mike MacManus and Charlie Logsdon who will add a little bit of a county music flair to the day,” exclaimed Rob. Each act will play for forty minutes with a ten-minute break in between, with music playing the entire time of the festival.

Participate in the 50/50 or the silent auction, and grab a bite to eat at Brenda Stiles’ Hot Dogs To Go. And, of course, don’t forget to visit our well-known establishments: Stan’s, The Little Bar, Crabby Lady and Kirk’s (Stone Crab season is here!). What a fantastic way to get in the Holiday spirit — don’t miss it!

Stacia was a stay at home mother for the past decade while volunteering as Barron Collier High School’s Lacrosse Team Mom and Swim Team Mom in Naples. Before relocating to Florida, Stacia graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She worked for the Office of State Courts Administrator as a Statistics Analyst and as one of the original Workflow Analysts, creating, the Missouri state courts automated case management system.

A sample driftwood end table by Lori Kaplan.

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