Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The Gavel is Passed

Litha Berger receives the club’s GOP manual from new president, Dave Rice. Photo by Maria Lamb

It is with great excitement that I pass the president’s gavel to Dave Rice, a leader and motivator in the Marco Island community. I am also excited to work with our new board members and look forward to my new role as secretary of the board for the Caxambas Republican Club.

My husband Jim Lane and I came to Marco Island in 1990 and we knew this was it…the place to start another phase of life called “giveback” and not retirement.

In 2009 I left a challenging and successful life in the business world. I needed to find a way, on this wonderful Island, to get Republicans interested in preserving our rights and our values.

The Caxambas Republican Club was born in June 2011 to provide resources and venues to get together to discuss and understand the core Republican core values and to elect a Republican president; support candidates for the House, State and local offices.

I have always been a conservative and loyal to the foundation our forefathers worked so hard to put in place. The constitution and the legal system gave the citizens the greatest country and government in the world.

It is great to be a Republican, and the time is now to work with elected leaders to bring back the dignity, loyalty and constitutional values and unite the people of this great country as “One Nation Under God.”

Litha Berger

Marco Island

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