Monday, December 6, 2021

The first week of February set new records for Bingo at San Marco Catholic Church.

The island is full with snow birds and visitors and so it was for the San Marco Parish Hall last Thursday 2-2-12 for the Knights of Columbus Bingo. We almost ran out of the free hot dogs; and did run out of the cake, cookies and fruit and had to serve ice cream and/or sherbet cups to the delight of the Bingo players. The first jackpot winner was Cindy Imm one of our regular players surrounded by the men in blue, to her left our Bingo chairman Lou Prigge, and to her right Joe Avila “Mr. Post Office” and Walter Bass. The second jackpot winner was Jim Seri and the man in blue to his left is Bernie Perry and to his right is Lee Cataldi. Bingo is played at San Marco every Thursday night with plenty of food for everyone and a lot of prizes. Come and join us for a great evening of fun and relaxation.

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